Awesome August is here!

News updates about the Prohashing pool
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Awesome August is here!

Post by Steve Sokolowski » Thu Aug 01, 2019 4:59 pm

Welcome to Awesome August! We're proud to announce the release of three new features that miners have requested for a long time.

First, our new website is now live. Constance has been working hard for weeks to update the site with a fresh look. The new site performs much faster and was designed to work well on smartphones. She reorganized some charts and added a new homepage that advertises the system's best features to new customers.

Second, we're proud to announce pay-per-last-n-shares mining. PPLNS mining is a compromise between PPS mining, where each share is worth a set amount, and solo mining, where miners are only paid for merge mining except when they find blocks. In PPLNS mining, the rewards from a block are proportionally distributed between all of the miners who submitted shares towards that block. Since there is no risk to the pool in PPLNS mining, fees equal to solo mining can be offered, while at the same time offering less variance than solo mining to customers - a win-win for everyone. You can read about how to use PPLNS mining in the documentation at Vance has worked hard to implement PPLNS mining, and should be thanked for how hard he worked in such a short period of time.

Finally, in celebration of August, lower pool fees will be charged. Fees for pay-per-share mining are now 3.99%, and fees for solo mining and pay-per-last-N-shares mining were cut to 1.99%. These fees make PPLNS mining cheaper even than Slush's pool, which charges 2% fees for bitcoin and zcash mining.

Again, happy August! Your feedback is always welcome, and thanks for mining with us!
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