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@ Cazkys « Wed 10:58 pm »
@ Eyedol-X « Wed 9:57 pm »
site messing up?
@ Lestat9 « Wed 2:09 pm »
For s7 4.7TH miners: What difficulty(d=) you using..? I use 4096 for low million difficult coins up to 5096.
@ qosmio1 « Wed 11:39 am »
has started a new topic: usaer or email not exists?
@ qosmio1 « Wed 11:32 am »
my old username does not work anymore , i had to register with new one with new account, what happened to my old account?
@ qosmio1 « Wed 11:31 am »
@ mhyde71 « Wed 8:52 am »
has started a new topic: noob- have couple quick ?'s...
@ alim « Wed 8:43 am »
@Darzi - glad to hear it! Sounds like a timing issue. :)
@ Darzl « Wed 8:31 am »
@ alim payment made from litecoinplus all ok
@ dfdecxx « Wed 7:18 am »
has started a new topic: [Masternode] Dash Platinum launch!
@ alim « Wed 6:52 am »
I run some Moonlander2s off of that pool (can’t get them to work here). Currently 18khash is mining 0.0007 LTC/24 hours
@ alim « Wed 6:50 am »
(eg look at the total hash rate for the pool and then there list of latest block finds)
@ alim « Wed 6:49 am »
@lestat9 - litecoinpool.org states GPU mining is not worth it. have a look at there stats page to see the hashrate needed to get "lucky" If you have a better miner, you may have a chance (you would probably have to build it yourself)
@ alim « Wed 6:46 am »
Hmm, the maximum for Litecoinplus is 9.02326456 ($5.00) - again, raise a support ticket.
@ Darzl « Wed 5:59 am »
@alim I have no issue with the payout times I guessed it was because of time zone difference my probelm now is that I have 29 litecoinplus on my account and no way to get them to my account
@ Lestat9 « Wed 5:16 am »
if i wanted to scrypt mine with a video card can i just get one real good one and at least win some coins with it?
@ Pethu « Wed 4:55 am »
has started a new topic: Cryptonex CNX review
@ alim « Wed 3:31 am »
ETH is the only coin I am aware of where there are payment issues on the Coinbase end.
@ alim « Wed 3:30 am »
@Darzl - you need to sign up for an account if you don’t have one. Clear your cookies and it should be on the landing page. As I said, the payout is 1/day (running Midnight to Midnight EST/Whatever the summertime is for the East Coast of the USA). If there is a check mark, the amount in the earned section will hit your wallet address within the time specified. If there is no check, the amount eligible was lower than the threshold you set.
@ Darzl « Wed 3:03 am »
How do I log in to the ticket page? My username and password from here doesn’t work and I can’t see a register
@ Darzl « Wed 2:59 am »
My eligible payout is at 0.29ltc at the moment with balance of 0.31 and payout within 21hrs
@ Darzl « Wed 2:57 am »
@alim I always get paid its just never at the actual threshold I have set but always above, I don’t mind as long as it does pay but it’s just very random
@ Darzl « Wed 2:55 am »
I added a lightcoinplus address to my account and some how it set to 2% and 98% for my LTC but I only want the lightcoinplus from my solo mining paid, from what I can see there isn’t a way of getting it paid
@ alim « Wed 2:52 am »
@Darzi, if that is what you have set, then it should payout. :) I am going to assume you have been paid before and the coin is not ETH :). If so, you need to fill-in a support ticket at jira.prohashing.com If you have never been paid, then I check your wallet address is correct and that you have selected the appropriate declaration.
@ Darzl « Wed 2:48 am »
@ alim Free Threshold (Default): 0.01287471 ($2.00) for LTC mining scrypt
@ Lestat9 « Wed 2:38 am »
if anyone mines Mazacoins can you tyell me what you use as c= Mazacoin doesnt seem to work
@ lonejohnny « Wed 2:29 am »
@ alim « Wed 2:25 am »
@lonejohnny - payout is only 1/day. I don’t know if 0.25 is below the free threshold for the coin you have specified, but be aware that you need to have at least the minimum to make it viable to trade.
@ Darzl « Wed 2:23 am »
@ lonejohnny payment schedule is a bit weird here, my payout is set to 0.25 but constantly get past 0.3 before payment
@ alim « Wed 1:34 am »
@lonejohnny go here: https://jira.prohashing.com/ to file a support ticket.
@ lonejohnny « Wed 12:37 am »
where do i file a support ticket? Been 2 days since my payouts havent sent even though i’m past the threshold
@ o51888 « Tue 11:30 pm »
@ S3KshuN8 « Tue 9:04 pm »
I wonder if the problem with Ethereum payments is related to the attack on MyEtherWallet. Some info here: https://doublepulsar.com/hijack-of-amaz ... 6f0dda6a6f
@ mclarney2535 « Tue 5:52 pm »
Ok no worries thank you for the update Steve!!!
@ Steve Sokolowski « Tue 4:48 pm »
so he needs to sell all those coins as quickly as possible to save value and is doing that now
@ Steve Sokolowski « Tue 4:48 pm »
mclarney2535 wrote: @Steve I have a ticket in but it looks like a few users Ethereum payments might not of went through today. Can you take a look? Thank you
Chris is going to do that, but a higher priority for him right now is that Bleutrade announced the discontinuation of 25 coins
@ mclarney2535 « Tue 3:37 pm »
@Steve I have a ticket in but it looks like a few users Ethereum payments might not of went through today. Can you take a look? Thank you
@ Darzl « Tue 3:09 pm »
@ locobro T1 should be OK since it’s basically the same as the s9 antminer not certain about the boost part though
@ darzed « Tue 3:08 pm »
Hello, Today the ETH payment not working, the tx hash is not seen in the etherchain (ID: 0xb64a911767229d23bfda83f03be5499534cf46610cb3f280fa1b5e49669b039e). What was the problem?
@ S3KshuN8 « Tue 2:57 pm »
This morning’s ETH payment to Coinbase didn’t go through for me either. It’s been working fine for about 9 months...
@ Locobro « Tue 2:39 pm »
can i use halong t1 miner here in prohashing ? :?:
@ Locobro « Tue 2:30 pm »
hello i would like to purchase few halong t1 miners does prohashing support asicboost ??
@ mclarney2535 « Tue 1:48 pm »
@alim so did I just lose the Ethereum or does it eventually get to coinbase?
@ CSZiggy « Tue 1:07 pm »
i dont think it is case sensitive.
@ alim « Tue 11:30 am »
@lestat9, I think it is case sensitive, so if you used a Capital C, that might be ignored. c=Mazacoin - I believe if you mine coins without a reliable market, you may have issues unless you also specify m=solo (eg you want to be paid in that coin)
@ alim « Tue 11:24 am »
@mclarney2535 I am also having an issue - I saw a reddit thread that indicates Coinbase receivers sometimes have issues
@ Steve Sokolowski « Tue 11:15 am »
has started a new topic: Please vote in poll
@ l00ped « Tue 10:20 am »
Steve Sokolowski wrote:
Your tickets are being automatically declined because you haven’t responded to them after a week; like the one about the logo. Please make sure to check the ticketing system often and provide us with the information we need to be able to help you!
Where’s such ticket system? The logo issue was made yesterday or two days ago. Please also check this new ticket. Not sure where you refer to the ticket system, I’m always online here and received no notification
@ Darzl « Tue 9:08 am »
@ Alim if I set a litecoinplus address wouldn’t my current multipool coins get paid there too depending on the percentage
@ Steve Sokolowski « Tue 8:41 am »
Your tickets are being automatically declined because you haven’t responded to them after a week; like the one about the logo. Please make sure to check the ticketing system often and provide us with the information we need to be able to help you!
@ mclarney2535 « Tue 8:27 am »
I should add i have received Ethereum payments before to the address from this site and nothing has changed.
@ mclarney2535 « Tue 8:23 am »
Anyone else get a Ethereum payout today on prohashing but not see the amount in there personal wallet? I seem to be having that issue.
@ Lestat9 « Tue 8:21 am »
anyone know what Mazacoin C= is Mazacoin isnt working
@ zafar177 « Tue 7:22 am »
You dont need d=
@ ifeco « Tue 4:18 am »
what did i set d=?
@ ifeco « Tue 4:15 am »
please i want to set up d3
@ ifeco « Tue 4:14 am »
@ alim « Tue 3:49 am »
@darzl - you need to set up a litecoinplus wallet address, solo mining only pays out in the coin mined
@ ifeco « Tue 3:38 am »
i need plase

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