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Re: Using for bitcoin mining?

Post by AppleMiner » Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:16 am

neumalfernando wrote:Has anybody looked into Antminecloud for bitcoin mining? I did a search in this category and “Antminecloud” did not come up
You need to learn to search better then. ANTMINECLOUD came right up for me. I moved your post over to the post from a day ago.

As far as AntMine anything goes...Id rather pay double to rent my hashrate than to pay bitmain 1 more red cent.
Just how I feel about some of their shady business practices....Like this morning, when e-flyer went out saying a new batch of A3s was getting ready to go on sale, only to watch the price of BCASH jump up for 3 they could announce in another email there was some sort of issue and its postponed....and then suddenly the next 20 mins the value sinks back down. Im sure once it hits it low point the sales issue will magically work its way clear and go back up for sale....until BCASH hits a higher price, then they will be taken down and postponed again.

Not the first time bitmain has manipulated markets. Or promised to ship power supplies the 1st of the they shipped the machines the 27th of last month, but the powers supplies you ordered and need to run those machines wont show up for 3 more weeks.

Not a reliable company or anyone I would want to do business with.
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