Payout Addresses

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Payout Addresses

Post by Th3rdeyewide » Fri Dec 02, 2022 12:56 am

Hey guys,

I have a large ecosystem of exchanges and wallets for a number of reasons and with multiple people involved. It would help me if we could associate a label with saved payout addresses. Is this available that I'm missing? It's small and the staff is probably swamped but it seems like Steve could do this fairly easily.

It'd be killer to open up like "Litecoin" payout and see "Coinbase LTC" or "Pionex LTC" or "Exodus LTC" etc. instead of just the address. Just so I know what I had my payouts doing for me at the time. Sometimes I'll change it up to flush up a trading account or something and addresses get convoluted.

I've helped a lot of people get started in this space and I usually turn them onto Prohashing first and so far I don't think anyone has left. I always keep rigs on Prohashing even if I'm trying new directions. I think this minor convenience would be helpful to them as well.

Thank you!
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