Prohashing 9.41% more profitable than ViaBTC on June 13

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Prohashing 9.41% more profitable than ViaBTC on June 13

Post by Steve Sokolowski » Sun Jun 14, 2020 2:51 pm

After we discovered last week that Prohashing was more profitable than Nicehash in scrypt, I decided to start a series of tests using real-world miners to compare the profitability of other pools. The Nicehash test used API data to compare the two sites, whereas this time I used an Antminer S7 to mine SHA-256 coins at ViaBTC and at Prohashing. I'm going to start a table below and add other pools to it as I test them as well.

For all of the tests that will be included in this table, I'll perform two periods of mining on the same 24 hour period, on days when the bitcoin difficulty does not undergo an adjustment. The mining will be close to the same amount of time on both systems, but may not be exactly equal because sometimes Chris simply is busy on a call and can't immediately turn off the test miner. The amount earned at the pool with the longer duration is prorated so that the comparison is fair.

For Prohashing, the procedure is to create a new account, set the payout proportions to 100% bitcoins, and to use only the password argument "n=test." For the other pool, the procedure is to use default settings as much as possible, except where indicated in the table.

SiteEquipmentTime testedNotesEarningsProhashing's advantage
ViaBTCAntminer S7 (SHA-256) Prohashing: June 14, 8:04am-10:46am EDT
ViaBTC: June 13, 2:04pm - 5:24pm EDT
Used "auto-switch" mode at ViaBTC and used current exchange rate at HitBTC to convert to bitcoins Prohashing: 0.00000467 BTC in 162 minutes
ViaBTC: 0.00000527 BTC in 200 minutes

So far, the table indicates that Prohashing miners earn 9.41% more than ViaBTC miners did on SHA-256. I'll update this table as tests are run at other pools and with other algorithms.
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