My d3 earnings are off..

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Re: My d3 earnings are off..

Post by Jalapan » Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:59 pm

Bender wrote:
Jalapan wrote:So yesterday you had a X11 price of 0.62 after ur fees.. and my D3 only made 73$

I know your site was down for ~1hour but that doesnt account for the other 22$--

There i something funky going on with ur pool and i dont understand why.. the D3 had 99%+ efficency while mining..

Chris.. Steve care to explain? or maybe investigate.. it has been like this for a time now.. where is the rest going?
The same time I had for my iBelink 10.8 running just 18$! What was the problem? Any suggestions?
Which password argument do you use mate?
only n=name and a=x11

havent figured out what diff D3 runs best at...i think the site is loseing shares somehow.. or a bug causing blocks to get lost or not get credited..
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