FAQ about current pool issues

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Re: FAQ about current pool issues

Post by walter » Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:51 pm

About the missing shown status of miners (running one L3+):.
I think there was an update. Since now it works now correctly. Change pages, save settings still working. The earings seems to be very low today?
But now it seems that shares are now faster? Or the shown hashing speed is more accurate?
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Re: FAQ about current pool issues

Post by JiveTonto » Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:09 am

im looking at the low profit margins compared to ltc,watching the pool and where the pps shares are getting spent/used.........................Alot of shares are getting summited for coins (like bunnycoin or Globalcoin) and are an orphan either because the daemon cant handle the work requests or just simply the difficualy was so low and the autopool switched to that coin because it was profitable with *said low difficualty................what im trying to say is you guys are paying for alot of shares that are really good for nothing (other than merged mining) hence they summit a dud share get payed reguardless because its pps and dont make the pool any money........I beleave after watching live blocks found and studying the coins that are throwing alot of orphans here and experimenting my self by stabling the hash rate on some of them that there is multiple issues at fault,

1*work resets are to aggressive with merged mining resets turned on causing the pool(be they in the autoswitch or c=/solo mining) to not work on blocks as long as it would have
2*cant set difficulty low enough for some coins resulting in the orphan race
3*swamping low difficulty coins with **not to much hash rate** but to many shares when the auto switcher picks them adding to the high orphan rate
4*work restart delays.............yes handy for people in the autoswitchpool but otherwise no thanks ,If you can pick a coin/difficulty/share summit rate/share size to suit your miner youve got much to learn,please dont penilise the rest of us for it
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Re: FAQ about current pool issues

Post by Prelude » Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:29 pm

Steve, One of my miners has a long number in place of its name, surrounded by a red box, saying it is an error. Am I getting paid by that miner?
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Re: FAQ about current pool issues

Post by AppleMiner » Thu Jan 25, 2018 5:02 pm

Yes, you need to set n=miner1 as the password to assign the miner a username of MINER1 instead of the random number its using to ID it now.

If you already have a unique ID for your miner set using n= password setting, then just reboot it once to fix it.
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