New referrals program now available!

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New referrals program now available!

Post by Steve Sokolowski » Thu Jul 02, 2020 4:18 pm

We're proud to announce our new referrals program, which is available immediately. The referral system will pay 0.2% of referrals' earnings to referrers, and referrals will earn a 0.5% bonus after one month of mining. Full documentation of the referral system is available in the documentation at ... ral-groups.

You can recommend the site to friends, or decide to make referrals into a part-time job, by creating a referral group in the new section on the "Settings" page. "Referral groups" are available to track the most effective locations for those who plan to refer many customers. Separate referral links are generated for each group, and the performance of each link can be tracked to see which sources of leads are the most effective. Information about how much money has been earned through referrals is available on the "Details" page.

You do not have to be a miner to earn money by referring customers. Non-miners can be paid by creating an account, setting up payout proportions, generating referral links, and posting or distributing them. All payout features, such as being paid in any coin, being paid in dollars, Coinbase payouts, tips, and charitable donations are also available to referrers.

The program was created based upon the results of a poll commissioned several weeks ago. The most common response for why people were using pools like Antpool, which was 9.41% less profitable than Prohashing when tested in mid-June, was that few people had heard of Prohashing. If that is true, it implies there are many easy sources of customers online for the first users who advertise referrals. The forums and reddit are two known locations where referrers might find quick leads, given that little advertising has been done there.

In two months, Prohashing will release its brand new user interface, which is a complete rewrite of the current website. At that time, we will add more detailed charts and graphs to allow referrers to track referral earnings. The terms of the referral program and the underlying data will not change when the new website is released; data that is currently not displayed will simply become available.

We look forward to working with our newest referrers!
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