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Chris unable to investigate equihash errrors

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:05 am
by Steve Sokolowski
Last night, a disk became corrupted in one of the servers. In addition to 24 other coins, ZCash was installed on that disk. Chris believed he had repaired the damage and brought the equihash coins back online, but the daemons are still unable to obtain their latest blocks for an unknown reason. We had hoped the fix was simple, but now it is likely that the disk may have completely failed and these coins will need to be reinstalled on a new disk.

Unfortunately, Chris stayed up all night because a state workers' compensation fund auditor is arriving today, and he was preparing for the audit. Because the audit is taking up all of our time, we do not anticipate being able to resolve the Equihash mining issue today. Furthermore, it is also unlikely we will respond to support tickets about this issue until tomorrow, because we want to focus all of our efforts on the audit and then on resolving the Equihash mining problem itself first.

Equihash mining is still online, but connectivity and profitability may be unreliable today. We apologize for the issue, and Chris will resume looking at this problem as soon as the auditor has left and he has slept for a few hours.

No other algorithms are affected by this issue, and mining is continuing as normal for all other algorithms. The only other impact is that NewYorkcoin needs its huge blockchain to be redownloaded, which will likely take days, and that coin is not currently available for mining or payout.

Re: Chris unable to investigate equihash errrors

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:37 am
by Steve Sokolowski
Equihash mining is back online now; however, there are other coins that are still downloading their blocks and will be doing so for the next day or so.