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@ Chris Sokolowski « Fri 4:55 am »
You can only pay to one bitcoin address per account. You would have to create a second account to payout to a second bitcoin address.
@ draftblader « Fri 3:31 am »
Hi Steve, is it possible to pay out to 2 different bitcoin address? i cannot seem to be able to add another bitcoin address. Thanks.
@ CritterDog « Thu 6:37 pm »
281Mhs out of A4 after 5 minutes set on Dynamic..Will it hold!!
@ CritterDog « Thu 5:03 pm »
The "Payout proportions" Slider Bar is not showing up for some reason
@ Steve Sokolowski « Thu 7:52 am »
has started a new topic: Some payouts likely delayed today
@ digitpower « Thu 4:19 am »
has started a new topic: Changing the balance of the account
@ CritterDog « Wed 11:06 pm »
has started a new topic: Owners of A4 General Discussion and Help
@ CritterDog « Wed 10:38 pm »
2048 started having probs after a few hours going back to 4096 now
@ CritterDog « Wed 9:22 pm »
I put a load on the DSL with this setting I played a game and it had no effect on hashing.. Weird
@ CritterDog « Wed 9:21 pm »
..29% reject rate
@ CritterDog « Wed 9:20 pm »
Running Log:Refresh (5s):273.7M (avg):263.5Mh/s | A:24963072 R:73728 WU:231610.0/m
@ CritterDog « Wed 9:19 pm »
Been holding steady at 253Mhs for 1.46 hours with only .46 re-start but if I raise the static any higher I get problems
@ Steve Sokolowski « Wed 8:41 pm »
I wonder if this has to do with your DSL connection
@ Steve Sokolowski « Wed 8:40 pm »
is it disconnecting in the miner’s logs?
@ CritterDog « Wed 7:57 pm »
seems the only setting that keeps hash rate up is static 2048
@ CritterDog « Wed 7:56 pm »
Trouble getting the A4 dialed in if set to dynamic i get stuck on game coin and my restarts are to high
@ CritterDog « Wed 7:54 pm »
This happens a lot
@ CritterDog « Wed 7:53 pm »
Why does my miner mine a coin for only half a second this taken from my page..... Mining duration 0.542 seconds
@ Chris Sokolowski « Wed 6:29 pm »
I looked at your account. The balance must be greater than the payout threshold for it to be paid. If the balance is the exact same as the payout threshold, it won’t be added to the payout queue. Lower the threshold by 0.00000001 and it will be sent.
@ tcrackerx « Wed 4:43 pm »
so my potcoin transfer worked but the Globalcoins didn’t transfer to my account wtf
@ Chris Sokolowski « Wed 3:38 pm »
Just fixed the unsent payments for yesterday. Working on today’s balances right now.
@ dronKZ « Wed 1:52 pm »
Che and payments will not be today?
@ xd4v3x « Wed 1:26 pm »
8-) im up 2BTC WOOT!!
@ Steve Sokolowski « Wed 1:18 pm »
has started a new topic: Chris investigating weird earnings
@ Steve Sokolowski « Wed 12:50 pm »
CptPajamas wrote: Echoing Galixxx’s question ... the payout coins owed shows a small fortune. :D
Thanks for the report. Chris will look into this. It’s probably a wrong price for one of the coins that’s messing it up.
@ CptPajamas « Wed 12:07 pm »
Echoing Galixxx’s question ... the payout coins owed shows a small fortune. :D
@ galixxx « Wed 7:05 am »
Is there an issue with the earnings stats today (26.10.2016) after the server reboot?
@ nameisis « Wed 4:47 am »
Hi! Is ther any place where i can see profitability chart for longer period than 1 week? Thanx!
@ Chris Sokolowski « Tue 4:48 pm »
What browser are you using Bob?
@ Steve Sokolowski « Tue 1:46 pm »
bob860 wrote: i get a blank screen when i log in
I’m not seeing that, but I’ll pass this on to Chris. He will look into it and get back to you soon.
@ bob860 « Tue 8:02 am »
i get a blank screen when i log in
@ bob860 « Tue 8:02 am »
anyone having trouble accessing the website?
@ Some1notu « Tue 6:28 am »
has started a new topic: Zeus Cyclone/Thunder2x help needed
@ Chris Sokolowski « Tue 2:16 am »
Yes, it is separate from the threads below.
@ gaanthony « Mon 10:16 pm »
Does chat just show in the Chat Center?
@ tcrackerx « Mon 10:11 pm »
@ Steve Sokolowski « Mon 8:27 am »
has started a new topic: Status as of Monday, October 24
@ Steve Sokolowski « Mon 8:19 am »
I hope that GenTarkin writes custom firmware for A4s
@ Steve Sokolowski « Mon 8:17 am »
@ CritterDog « Mon 8:16 am »
Have not played with voltage yet that might help
@ CritterDog « Mon 8:15 am »
At litecoinpool I get 260-265Mhs steady
@ CritterDog « Mon 8:13 am »
They advertise 280Mhs I have seen it hit 280Mhs but never stays
@ Chris Sokolowski « Mon 2:41 am »
CritterDog wrote:
excelerator wrote: @ CritterDog - what’s your hashrate for the A4?
About 245Mhs
How does that hashrate compare to manufacturer's claimed hashrate?
@ CritterDog « Sun 7:08 pm »
excelerator wrote: @ CritterDog - what’s your hashrate for the A4?
About 245Mhs
@ excelerator « Sun 3:59 pm »
@ Steve Sokolowski « Sun 9:58 am »
Yes - the live profitability represents what someone mining 1MH/s actually gets paid. The one exception is if you choose "lower payout threshold," then you get charged network transaction fees on top of that.
@ draftblader « Sun 4:44 am »
Just want to know if the reported live profitability include the 4.99% admin fees?
@ excelerator « Sat 11:51 pm »
@ CritterDog - what’s your hashrate for the A4?
@ CritterDog « Sat 7:02 pm »
A4 On-Line :)
@ Mrrt « Sat 2:33 pm »
@ Steve Sokolowski « Thu 9:13 pm »
has started a new topic: Survey of new features
@ Steve Sokolowski « Tue 10:38 pm »
Chris will look into the history of your account to make sure that everything was paid as it should have been - Chris will work with you in private messages
@ john1175 « Tue 8:57 pm »
so if you"re taking 5% of 2mil batcoins, a coin woth a 0.00000001 tx fee, you’re making money
@ john1175 « Tue 8:42 pm »
the tx fee on btc for instance is 0.0001, if you mine, say, 0.0008 you’re still walking away with change :)
@ john1175 « Tue 8:40 pm »
I was hitting the small stuff like batcoins that you can make a ton of quick and easy, and the tx fees on those are practically nothing, even btc tx fees are very low
@ john1175 « Tue 8:39 pm »
you don’t payout in dash or even mine dash unless you have one hell of a high dollar mining rig, the diff on that is outrageous, the fees on dash are astronomical, you gotta mine alot real fast to even matter.
@ john1175 « Tue 8:37 pm »
as for Dogecoins, you should be able to solo those imo, I mean the supply of them is unlimited
@ john1175 « Tue 8:35 pm »
Chris Sokolowski « Mon 7:39 pm » What payout are you looking for? If I recall correctly, you were earning very little each day and losing most of it to transaction fees. We raised the minimum payouts for coins so that the fees were never higher than 5% of the payout. This might be causing your payout to wait until you have enough earnings. Dash transaction fees are one of the highest of all our coins so the minimum payout is one of the highest as well. <<-- according to him I was paying out in Dash, it wasn’t paying anything, it wasn’t even converting coins to my payout, bitcoin, it was doing nothing, how can I lose coins to transactions if it was doing absolutely nothing to begin with?
@ Steve Sokolowski « Tue 8:24 pm »
john1175 wrote: I don’t understand how I’m paying out in Dash when I never even added that coin lol, I chose btc because the network fee is very low, only 10k satoshis. it wouldn’t let me pick doge or i’d of done that
I don’t see any DASH in your account. Are you sure you haven’t confused it with a different coin?
@ Steve Sokolowski « Tue 8:22 pm »
john1175 wrote: it literally wouldn’t even let me mine doge in the password arg, when I put in c=Dogecoin it kept efaulting to profit switch mode
Dogecoin is a merge-mined coin, so you can’t mine it as a primary coin. You automatically mine dogecoins when you mine any other coin.

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