Still looking for profitability answers

News updates about the Prohashing pool
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Still looking for profitability answers

Post by Steve Sokolowski » Tue Aug 13, 2019 9:51 am

Good morning!

We posted a poll this morning to try to find out what the biggest weaknesses are of the system. While the results will undoubtedly change as probably only about 2% of the votes are in, many customers have again voted for "profitability less than other pools." Followers of the forums have probably noted that several customers and we have been performing tests against the pools with the most hashrate, and have not come across any cases where Prohashing's profitability is lower than the tested pool. For example, we found yesterday that Prohashing is 104.89% of Antpool's profitability, and a customer found last week that had fallen far behind as well. Additionally, some of the test results were taken before fees were cut.

We haven't been getting much feedback in the previous posts, so I was hoping that being insistent might yield some ideas. What are we doing wrong in these tests that is leading people to state that profitability is higher at other pools?
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