Comparison between Antpool and Prohashing

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Comparison between Antpool and Prohashing

Post by Steve Sokolowski » Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:33 am

Recently, we started running comparisons between mining pools to determine whether Prohashing is the most profitable or not. So far, we have not found a pool that exceeds Prohashing in profitability, and you can find previous tests by us and other miners on the forums.

Our recent test involved Antpool. We connected the same Antminer S7 to both pools for about 4 hours each during the same night, and the bitcoin difficulty remained the same throughout both tests. The payout coin was 100% bitcoins at Prohashing, and both pools used PPS mining. We chose the S7 because it was an Antminer product, so if any product was likely to be optimized for mining at Antpool, it would be miners in the S series.

At Antpool, the miner earned bitcoins at a rate of 0.00011796 per day. At Prohashing, it earned bitcoins at a rate of 0.00012374 per day. For this test, Prohashing's profitability was 104.89% of Antminer's, after fees were taken at both pools. Additionally, it's worth nothing that the money earned at Antpool is not able to be paid out because it does not meet their minimum payout threshold of 0.001, whereas the money at Prohashing can be paid out at Coinbase with no additional charge.

We plan to continue testing with other pools and will post more results when they become available.
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