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Re: Looking for new feature requests

Postby XXXJAYXXX » Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:20 pm

Steve Sokolowski wrote:
XXXJAYXXX wrote:Would be awesome if you guys could integrate with a multi-algo GPU miner such as Nemo's miner. They make an excellent open source GUI miner for Nvidia GPU's and have added many different pools, they have also continuously put out new and improved versions every few months even during the down market. Seems like a solid team! Would love to be able to switch my GPU rigs over to prohashing.. but the algo switching really does make a big difference!

This has been a feature we've wanted to create for a long time, but we thought that we would have to write our own miner for it.

How does this miner determine which algorithm to switch to?

At startup, in the "config" tab.. you select your pool, and then load then default algorithms for that pool and add your worker info etc. Once you start the miner.. it runs a benchmark on each algo to gain a base for profit calculation.. It then uses an API for price vs difficulty on each coin for each algo. I believe the default is every 300 seconds it will query the API's and if there is a more profitable coin... it will shut down the current miner.. and open the new miner for the different algo automatically. It's honestly the best miner I have ever used.. feature packed and actively developed and improved on.. Would definitely recommend checking it out... they may even be willing to work with you to integrate your systems.. not sure.. but it would be worth a shot! Only works with Nvidia GPU's unfortunately.. but who knows.. maybe an AMD version is out there and I've just never bothered to look for it.. lol
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Re: Looking for new feature requests

Postby RCMco » Mon Feb 18, 2019 8:41 am

Maybe show some miner stats so people can see how they compare to other miners.

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