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Note about DNotes

Postby Steve Sokolowski » Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:50 pm

The developers of DNotes are releasing a new coin, "DNotes 2.0." DNotes 2.0 is a completely new coin that is not a fork of the original DNotes, and it is proof of stake. The developers are offering to exchange DNotes for DNotes 2.0, but only coins that were mined before a block that will occur later tonight.

While many exchanges are listing DNotes 2.0, Yobit is sticking with the original DNotes. DNotes has been one of our most profitable coins, so we will continue to mine it as long as it is listed at Yobit.

Unfortunately, the mining server does not have a feature to change the name of a coin without restarting the system, and we decided that restarting the system just for this one coin is not in customers' best interests. However, we will change the name of the coin when the system is restarted, which may not be until May, to something like "DNotes 1.0." We will also consider adding DNotes 2.0 as a payout coin. Customers who are assigned the original DNotes don't have to worry about this situation, because their coins will automatically be sold.

Chris has added a message for customers who are requesting payout in DNotes to clarify that we will be paying out in the original DNotes, and linking customers to this post. The DNotes fork we will be paying out in is traded only at Yobit, so do not enter payout addresses for other exchanges.

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