Anyone mining with or have a StrongU STU-U6 dash miner?

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Anyone mining with or have a StrongU STU-U6 dash miner?

Post by psylocyber » Wed Oct 30, 2019 7:13 am

Hey Anyone,
Is Anyone mining with or have, or know someone that has a StrongU STU-U6 dash miner?
Does it perform as advertised?
I have supposedly purchased one from a batch that should have FINISHED shipping a couple of days ago (Sept20-Oct20) but the store is now telling me that StrongU said there would be a delay and when I started giving them ____-about it they told me that StrongU was unable to get the 660 Gh/s that they had advertised and were only getting 440 Gh/s and that's why the delay. They (the retailer I don't want to name until I get more facts) also said they negotiated with StrongU to get us (their customers) 2 miners for every one we ordered to make it right. They didn't know a shipping date yet.

This was a week ago and no shipping so far. Then I started thinking this was supposed to be batch 3. How could they just be finding out they couldn't hit their target? I am wondering, Is this just a delaying strategy?
That is why I am curious about STU-U6 performance.
Thanks to anyone with any knowledge or insight or just one of those miners.
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Re: Anyone mining with or have a StrongU STU-U6 dash miner?

Post by h4shpin » Sat Dec 28, 2019 7:42 am

Hi, just came across this meanwhile older post.
Donno if you've got your miner now, got mine in mid dec.

First: Stay away from StrongU. Long story short, they suck! Big time!!
Miner was used and full of dust, stratum and address showed that it was heavily used to mine the shit out of it. Bevor plugin i had to unscrew the fans and 'undent' the grilleys and confect a cable that would fit into the non EU standard socket.
Later on i had to unscrew the obviously avalon styled case again to fix the ridicolous airguide that for some reason got inserted into the space where another hashboard was supposed to be.

I assume the missing board would have been the missing 220 Gh/s to reach the proclaimed 660 Gh/s that was reduced to 440 after orders and payments.. (at least the resellers corrected the values, but not StrongU on their own homepage, such idiots)

Well, after couple of days i checked their site again, downloaded the recommended upgrade in hope to squeeze some more HR out of that garbage bin, but instead the HR dropped to less than what the old D3 were able to come up with.
By the way, it was no surprise to me that even after checked the 'keep settings' all the pool data got replaced with their own f2 pool data.
(XxJzaL4tiEf433RSceQKEXAE1ETgfG7zrm, XiSxkcz5u8onPs9a7nevLK219zDeHTkGZg -> both belong to wallet: 578806)

Lookup the addresses that were in the pools and their first occourence showed that this wasn't just routine checks, they mined like hell!!!
One of their own videos with some DCR miner revealed that they've used the same f2 stratum (for DCR of course), the respective address and the same password as on my machine. Scumbags!

Diggin a bit deeper brought me to the hidden menu (MinerMonitor). It can be found be either replacing the last word in the browser bar or by mouseright -> inspect element. And surprise, surprise, not a single chip without errors!
Unfortunatley no other entrys were visible, nor any logs..

Update: pretty scary shit, most of the files that ran after updating contained fragment of some DCR/HC miner. Beeing not a rocket scientist my assumption is that the few Gh that i could see is the blake part of the x11 algo that gets done, anyway.. the trashbin keeps restarting all the time now, loosing it's cgminer and i'm right about to use that piece of shit at new years eve to stuff it up with some hardcore firecrackers.

If someone want's to post this on bitcointalk fell free to do so, lost my login long ago.. (no, i'm not Satoshi..)

Regards, h4shpin
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