Nicehash Setup

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Nicehash Setup

Post by holygoof » Fri Aug 31, 2018 12:42 pm

Hey all
I was thinking about buying some nicehash for Neoscrypt/Lyra.
I never have. Everything I have read about nicehash and my friend using suggest you basically breakeven most of the time.
Anybody here care to share their real experience using the system?
Also, nicehash pays in BTC, so how that end up working out here when you buy hashrate?, because their fees are higher if you withdraw to a different wallet or when it below a certain threshold.
Just looking for some help setting this up, as I have .26 BTC sitting around doing nothing haha
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Re: Nicehash Setup

Post by CSZiggy » Fri Aug 31, 2018 9:07 pm

You pay nicehash in BTC, or if you are renting your equipemnt you get paid in BTC.

As a person buying hashes from them, you would just pay BTC, get the hashrates, and apply them to mine on your prohashing account.
If you solo you get those coins, if you pool mine you can choose the payout coins and percents.

Its no different from you owning the machines, except you rent them with BTC to make whatever coins you want on here.

If you find away to spend 1 BTC on nicehash and make 1.5 BTC mining on another algorith here on this that 100X per day.
And tell all of us.
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