GPU Program for Linux or Windows

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Re: GPU Program for Linux or Windows

Post by spauk » Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:00 pm

solo mining easy coins is still doable, and surprisingly it's better with less hashrate sometimes if your solo mining is too much for the coin network. sometimes you only need a few megahash per second to find blocks, and more would create a lot of rejects and be a waste. but that's just my opinion, i don't have much concrete evidence. but all i run is small miners and have had some success solo mining when difficulty is low
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Re: GPU Program for Linux or Windows

Post by spauk » Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:18 pm

you don't throw 500 mh/s at a coin network difficulty of less than 1, i know this. it breaks the estimated block time, finding blocks too quick
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Re: GPU Program for Linux or Windows

Post by NiteshadeSc2 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:01 am

It isn't that you cannot mine scrypt coins on Prohashing with a GPU rig: it is REALLY inefficient. I could go setup my gaming rig in my basement, turn on CCminer point it here, and draw 500-600 watts of power for about 500khash/sec, or I can use my ASIC miners, and get 15-18Mh/s (30+ times faster).

Further, Regarding ROI (return on investment) if you are building a GPU rig, with a couple of RX580's, assuming a new build with an i5 and such, you are spending 1500 to 2000 to build it. Depending on what you mine, you may be a year before you recoup your investment with those lower hashrates on scrypt. This can get you well towards an antminer D3 or L3+ which each will pay for themselves in just a few months.
However, a GPU rig could mine other algorithm coin Etherum (ethash), or Vertcoin (Lyra2) where the ASIC cannot. Those coins are doing quite well too. Using vertcoin for an example, a 1080ti rig could mine that quite well, and yield a coin a day (or so) at $6 a coin. Return on investment on a $2000 computer in about a year. (assuming difficulty doesn't change).

If you are hellbent on GPU mining, do some google searches on which algorithms you want to mine. Then which coins are supported on those algo's. Some algo's do not mine on AMD, and some mine on Nvidia. Depends on the program used to mine. Then use a mining calculator (coinwarz and others), and determine if mining that coin is financially viable. Read up on the coin, stability in the market, value, fluctuations, and if the coin interests you. Take a hunch if you think it is something that will grow. Does the development team put effort into it expanding (adding exchanges, etc). Then mine it for a short term as a proof of concept, and see if your numbers hold up. Then mine it. Then always keep an eye out for newer ways to mine more efficiently.

Use google. start reading. Daily. I was green like you 3 weeks ago. I learned it all using google. Take your time, do you research first so your hardware is mining as efficiently as possible. We cannot spoon feed you everything, but we can try to help.

Good luck :)

I am a noob miner. Zeusminer Hurricane X3 and a Gridseed G-Blade Hashing around 18-20Mhs on Ubuntu Cgminer 4.3.5.
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Re: GPU Program for Linux or Windows

Post by maverick528 » Sat Jan 20, 2018 7:09 am

spauk wrote:i can recommend some other pools but i feel like i'm betraying prohashing. but it really doesn't matter because they don't support gpu mining anymore really. nicehash, minergate, givemecoins all decent pools for gpu/cpu mining
also coinpot for cpu mining into a few different cryptos, i think they do monero mining and it gets auto traded towards what you want out of btc, bch, ltc, dash, doge
I had problems with give-me-coins, they steal some of your shares, so I dont recommend them at all. In theory they are a "0% fee pool"......
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