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[ANN][BOOT] Bitcoin-Rebooted SHA256

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 5:53 pm
by niteuser
Announcing the new Bitcoin Rebooted coin

Coin Details

Ticker: BOOT
Algorithm: SHA256
Block Reward: 50 BOOT
Block Time: 150 Seconds
Block Maturity: 100 Blocks
PoW Reward: 50 BOOT
Difficulty Retargeting: New Fuzzy Effect Wave DAA
Premine: 200K BOOT (about a weeks worth)
Total Supply: 268,234,500 BOOT (50 years of mining)
Website: https//
Hashtag: #GettheBOOT

This is a "soft launch". We have been internally developing and testing since July of 2018. The coins tests out. The DAA has been extensively tested (over a 1000 hours). We have had the website publicly available for close to a month. An explorer went online two weeks ago. We have an experimental yiimp pool that appears to be up and running, but no promises there - pool operation is not our forte, others are coming online to do that job right.

So what is Bitcoin Rebooted? Well, you can read an overview (or everything you would ever want to know about it in the coin details tab) at:

Here is a bit more detail:

This is NOT a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, this is a fork of the Bitcoin sourcecode and utilizes the SHA256 hash algorithm so can be ASIC mined

The blockchain has been restarted with a new genesis key, magic numbers, etc.

Block reward is 50 coins per block, which decreases by 1 coin per year per block. So 50 years of mining, and no major penalty if your late to the game (at least for the next dozen or two years)

Block time target is 2.5 minutes, just like Litecoin. Minimum blocktime is 2 seconds, 20 seconds if the block is empty (to discourage mining of such)

Block maximum size is 16mb

The DAA is all new code, dubbed "Fuzzy Effect Wave" and has a few special features, like "cliff" detection to prevent super long blocks that impact many alt-coins when profit-switching pools leave

Segwit support has been removed from the original source tree - we don't believe in it and feel it punishes miners via reduced transaction fees

There has been no ICO, there will be no airdrops, there have been no special partners that benefited early

The blockchain was mined by the developers for the first week in order to establish some checkpoint records to help reduce the chance of early forking. Announcements then went out via another popular forum and shortly thereafter a pool came online: ... -rebooted/ ... 0597718016

What do we consider a "soft launch"? Announcing there first to get a few folks to help confirm everything was stable for a broader audience. Now announcing here for a wider audience. Once a broader infrastructure is in place (bigger network, more pools, hopefully an exchange or two) we will publicize the coin more via other outlets. Of course, the source code is available and a Windows wallet installation program is available - just hop over to the coin website for those. e..g. Not a lot of fan-fare, just public awareness. We are not in this as a "get rich quick" scheme, but rather for the long haul. If this takes a year or three, so be it.

Source code at:
Direct Windows installed download via bitbucket: ... -64bit.exe

Project download folder (logos, Windows self-install storage location, etc.) at: ... downloads/

Come join us on Discord:

Known pools (in order of creation): (Mid-West USA) (Australia)

More info: