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Post by Cazkys » Thu May 17, 2018 6:39 am



This post might suffer changes according to project possible changes

DISCORD - >>> https://discord.gg/Z6axBSN

FORUM ->>>> soon

Website ->>>> http://vitalcrypto.org/

Exchange ->>> https://vital.blockxplorer.info/



Coin Name: VITAL
Ticker: ITL
Total Supply: 33.000.000 ITL
Mining: POS > 45%
Premine: 12.000.000 ITL
Devfunds: 1.000.000 ITL
Block Time: 64s
ToStake: 1 ITL
MST: ~1 hours

Release Date: 28.04.2018


Here is our windows qt: https://ufile.io/jxlp2

Here is our linux qt: https://ufile.io/numq2

Discord channel: 26.04.2018
Launch of the coin: 28.04.2018
Forum launch: 20.05.2018
First airdrop: 10.05.2018
Bounty campaigns #1: 10.05.2018
Explorer online: 30.05.2018
First faucet: 5.06.2018
Listed on a exchange: June 2018
Web-Wallet: June 2018
Last airdrop: August 2018
Mobile wallets: August 2018
MasterNodes: June 2018
Bounty campaigns #2: September 2018

Distribution through Airdrop

Airdrop will be distribuited through 2 stages.

1. Airdrop through activity on our discord, bitcointalk, our forum and social networks (min. 20 phases) - 50%
2. Airdrop for the winner team - 50%

Game rules will be posted on 27.08.2018 - 50%

Distribution through Bounties

Translation bounties: 500.000 ITL will be distribuited for translations. With a equal payment reported to the airdrop ammount in that stage.

Social Media Budget: 500.000 ITL for both campaigns (250.000 ITL for each) and 1% increase the personal airdrop.

VITAL - CEO, Developer
DOVI - Marketing, Designer, Community Administrator
TRAXEX - Community Administrator

How to get your VITAL?


1. BitcoinTalk activity (all BitcoinTalk ranks are accepted!)
2. Discord level
3. Vital Forum activity
4. Activities for helping Vital as project (tweets, shares, articles...)


Join one of the five teams to win the big pot! Everything for charity

Contribuite to the team pot in order to get more clues! 80% of the funds will be sent for charity.

How to play?

1. Join the airdrop. In order to be part of a team you must hold at least 100 ITL.
2. You can't spent for pot more than 25% of the airdrop received.
3. You can't sell more than 15% of the airdrop received.
4. You must be active through our social network, discord and bitcointalk topic.
5. Once you joined a team, you need to speak between you in order to find the clue.
6. Having 10.000 ITL (or MasterNode) will offer the possibility of having becoming a leader.
7. Leaders will have bigger shares through the Airdrop and a free clue. More leaders in a team, more free clues will be offered every round.
8. There will be at least 20 rounds. You have to find the answer to at least 17 in order to win.
9. Only 1 team will win. There are prizes for first and the second place.
10. The puzzle will be made and aproved by VITAL core team.
11. You can change the team at any moment. It will cost you 1000 ITL (airdrop balance is accepted).
12. There will be 5 teams. Number of users will be equal between teams.
13. Airdrop ammount is variable. Based on how many teams found the answer during a round, the airdrop might increase or decrease.
14. All the coins sent to POT will be donated for charity periodically, 10% being burned. Also the ammount needed for team pot.

1st round pot required for a clues - 1000 ITL
NO SPAM will be allowed in this topic! All the useless posts will be directly reported to moderators!


Chinese translation: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3405799
Russian translation: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3406150
Indonesian translation: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3714656
Portuguesse translation: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3739085
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