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Target coin ico

Post by Dorr » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:14 am

target coin technology and ICO details
Target Coin is a tokenised long-short fund designed to generate risk adjusted returns on both price rise and price fall in the cryptocurrencies market.
Intelligent Risk Management as well as Capital Allocation Strategies in place in order to provide a directional overview towards every investment/trade
target coin technology
Use of Technical Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
*Alpha is Volatile and Uncertain
*Generating Alphas through short-term technical pattern trading
✴Using Machine Learning to Analyse Historical Technical Patterns
✴Using Moving Averages to make short term trades
✴Order Splitting algorithm to place orders based on market impact combined by price-risk
✴Estimation of liquidities in different markets and using models to forecast short term price fluctuations based on probabilities
*Quantitative Arbitrage Strategy to profit from Market misplacements in the short term
*Analysing Geo-political events and conferences happening around the world and generating signals based on news
✴Using Natural Language Processing and Intent Recognition Algorithms
✴Sentiment Analysis to analyse the market sentiment through various data sources including social media
*Margin Financing and Lending Options
Use of Margin Financing and hedging strategies
TGTCoin  is  one  of  its  kind  Closed-End  Fund  offering  a  continuous  return  to  the investors,  built  on  an  Ethereum  Smart  Contract.   TGTCoin  makes  it  easier  for  the  investors  to  invest  in  the  blockchain  technology  without dealing  with  the  risks,  technical  barriers,  transferring,  owning  and  trading  different cryptocurrencies  on  their  own.Our  approach  is  different  from  other cryptocurrency  tokens,  which  are  not  sharing  profits  with  the  investors  in  the  token. Unlike  with  other  tokens,  which  are  mainly  used  to  speculate  and  are  unrelated  to  the company  performance,  TGTCoin  plans  to  share  profits  with  the  token  holders. 

Investment  Method
Number  of  coins  issued  and  value  per  coin  gives  us  the  value  of  the  market  cap  of  a cryptocurrency.  Market  cap  is  a  great  tool  understand  the  size  and  future  potential  of  the coin  relative  to  other  coins.   A  number  of  cryptocurrency  tokens  are  designed  in  a  way  that  their  supply  grows  at  a certain  rate  over  a  period  of  time.  A  number  of  tokens  have  a  locked  in  supply  to  control the  supply  and  inflate  the  prices  of  the  tokens,  misleading  many  retail  investors.  For  a number  of  tokens  a  handful  of  people  control  the  prices  and  manipulate  the  market. 

Market  Opportunity  :
During  the  past  2  years,  Bitcoin  has  outperformed  return  on  DOW  Jones  Industrial Average  by  more  than  700%. Since  July,  2013  market  cap  of  crypto  currencies  has  increased  from  $1.5  Bn  to $114  Bn  as  of  12th  June,  2017  - An  astounding  7500%  returns  on  an  average.    The  total market  cap  of  cryptocurrencies  is  expected  to  reach  $1  Trillion  over  a  period  of  next  few years  and  this  represents  a  large  market  opportunity.   We plan  to  diversify  risk  across  multiple  strategies  and  generate  best  risk  adjusted returns. 

 Professional  Money  Management  and  Risk  Management  :
Professional  Money  and  Risk  Management  are  very  important  in  a  volatile  and  young market.   TGTCoin  does  fundamental  analysis  of  different  crypto  currencies.  Along  with  that,  we analyse  historical  price  patterns  and  technical  analysis  to  predict  the  future  market behaviour.   TGTCoin  team  has  a  professional  money  management  experience  in  the  traditional financial  markets  for  than  6  years+   Today’s  Blockchain  infrastructure  makes Bitcoin and USDT  a  base  currency  for investment  in  majority  of  alt  coins.   We plan  to  keep  some  reserves  in  USDT  and  hedge  the  market  risk  in  a  bear  crypto market.    During  unstable  times,  it  makes  sense  to  keep  the  majority  of  the  fund  in  USDT to  hedge  the  risk  during  the  downfall  of  other  cryptos  and  take  a  short  position. 

Risk-Reward  Spectrum  and  Risk  Adjusted  Returns 

As  compared  to  Global  Equities,  Equity  Derivatives,  Real  Estate  Debt,  FX  Forward  Swaps which  generates  8-30%  returns,  TGTCoin  aims  to  generate  70-200%  risk  adjusted returns  on  the  portfolio.   We use  advanced  risk  management  techniques  to  minimise  the  portfolio  volatility  and minimise  the  downside  on  each  trade.   
ICO details
TGTCoin  plans  to  launch  the  ICO  on  15th  July,  2017  and  the  ICO  will  end  on  31st  August, 2017.   10%  of  the  ICO  money  will  be  used  for  the  operations  of  the  fund  and  90%  of  the  fund will  be  used  to  build  a  portfolio.   TGTCoin  plans  to  issue  2  Bn  coins.  1.34  Bn  coins  are  available  to  the  public  and    260  Mn coins  are  held  by  the  management  team  and  400  Mn  coins  are  held  by  the  pre-ICO investors  .  On  the  ICO  the  TGTCoin  price  will  be  -  ETH  0.000133(  US  $  0.04).   

* Investment Approach with favourable track records across strategies
✦Stable earnings due to solid risk management
✦Significant drivers of future value creation

We believe Target Coin is well-positioned to seek stable and growing fee related earnings with the potential for significant capital appreciation
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Re: Target coin ico

Post by hashingpro » Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:44 pm

1. it sounds like another USI-Tech ponzi pryamid scheme give us your money and we promise we will return 18 months or after we LOSE all of your money whichever comes first.

2."Unlike with other tokens, which are mainly used to speculate and are unrelated to the company performance, TGTCoin plans to share profits with the token holders." ---- Your related to your company token will still fall and rise with the tide that bitcoin sets. Just because its a token based on your company wont mean it has more or less value than any other coin on the market and will still follow the same graph that bitcoin lays down just like all the rest of the tokens out there.
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Re: Target coin ico

Post by scarell » Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:03 am

it's only ads, I think...but all are starting with ads) noone won't know before they try
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Re: Target coin ico

Post by cryptospec » Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:36 am

Target ICO is over. But my recommendation is to check all new ICOs on ICO lists like this one , because they can be the scam.
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