Selling Brand New Antminer Z9----$2,700

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Selling Brand New Antminer Z9----$2,700

Post by ramonvidic » Thu Jul 19, 2018 3:49 am

  • Selling Brand New Antminers, We ship worldwide and delivery takes 3 days.

    Baikal Giant X10 Power Supply------$1,200
    Antminer E3, Batch 3---------------$1,100
    Antminer Z9------------------------$2,700
    Antminer Z9 mini-------------------$1,700
    Antminer S9i-13.5TH/s with PSU-----$850

    Interested buyer should contact me at :

    Email :
    WhatsApp : +1 929 266 7402
    Skype : zahil.export2
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