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@ mycide « Sun 8:55 am »
all in the plans, drop support, make smaller investors/asic farmers that did not take profits already forced to sell cheap. Difficulty will keep going up. rigs will never make more coins per day then you make now, no matter the price. Also keep in mind as soon as the next gen rig comes out we will see another amazing moon.. this time, buy the crypto now, sell it when bitmain dumps next gen rigs on market, once that is done price will drop again.
@ Foxx « Sun 6:57 am »
@jeffms2003 :  one might think that they already should have. might Bitmain already be running the S11 in their mines?
@ jeffms2003 « Sun 1:05 am »
network hash rates are about to fall through the floor if prices keep going down.
@ alim « Sat 6:44 pm »
minerproo wrote: where should i mine then
I tried MPH - I found my rate of work acceptance was low. Then I found the move to my payout coins was slower still.. Make sure you don’t plan to change your strategy there.
@ alim « Sat 6:42 pm »
I’m on about $12 for 4 miners.. @DeterMINEd.. my strategy is to take payment in a coin I believe will rise quickly when the market stops dropping. So I’m looking for the relative rise and speed thereof. I’m bouncing around my target coins, taking the one which is not TOP - eg being mined, and when they flip, I switch the payment coins so I’m earning on the higher one and buying the lesser cost one.
@ DeterMINEd « Sat 5:29 pm »
4 x S9's been on for 17.5 hours on the weekend cheapest tariff. Just did the math and in those 17.5 I have made a whopping $1.13. I am giving it until the end of the month and selling up. Anyone got any great ideas to maximise profit? Going solo doesn't pay either.
@ minerproo « Sat 3:22 pm »
@Splinter :  lucky you :)
@ Splinter « Sat 2:18 pm »
Splinter wrote: BTG payments stopped being sent after June 20... what is happening? The payments were "sent" but I did’t receive...
Now I got the payments :) Thx!
@ suykast « Sat 1:17 pm »
like gamecredit digibyte pakcoin compu ...
@ suykast « Sat 1:17 pm »
alot of coins are offline to mine for scrypt, can you take a look at it ?
@ minerproo « Sat 12:00 pm »
even planned to make my own :p
@ minerproo « Sat 12:00 pm »
I tested almost all pools from nano, supernova multipool auto switch to miningpool hub
@ CSZiggy « Sat 11:57 am »
I'd argue with the difficulty increases and coin price drops, probably less and less people are mining than were 2 weeks ago.
@ CSZiggy « Sat 11:55 am »
test many other pools do you?
@ minerproo « Sat 11:54 am »
no pool is giving you so much profit
@ minerproo « Sat 11:54 am »
well mining is difficult as more and more people mine everyday
@ Splinter « Sat 11:53 am »
BTG payments stopped being sent after June 20... what is happening? The payments were "sent" but I did’t receive...
@ cloaker « Sat 11:47 am »
@ cloaker « Sat 11:47 am »
:(......we’’ bounce back vro
@ CSZiggy « Sat 11:46 am »
i spent all that time getting cooling in place, now cant affrod to run any of it so dont matter
@ cloaker « Sat 11:45 am »
i have 7 l3+’s going that may generate 15$ today here so slice it however you want to
@ CSZiggy « Sat 11:45 am »
If coins were only 2$ you would only make .02 cents profit but if you got 5 coins a day and were hoping the coins would go up youd be happy
@ cloaker « Sat 11:45 am »
yea its ruff zig
@ cloaker « Sat 11:44 am »
this is why we cannot afford ’software’ or site based issues week after week...there is no room for error and that downtime may be that days profit
@ CSZiggy « Sat 11:44 am »
its not the $2 a day its the .025 coins per day. takes too long to add up to a single coin.
@ cloaker « Sat 11:44 am »
scrypt i think is best mined here due to the variety of coins but its hard to settle for 2$ a day per miner :)
@ cloaker « Sat 11:42 am »
mining isn’t profitable with your coin value down below 6K and your electric above .06 kw/h so i guess ’profitable’ and how one defines it is the rub
@ CSZiggy « Sat 11:40 am »
I still have 400 coins from previous years. Ill sell those this year and add this years coins to the kitty for next years cashout.
@ CSZiggy « Sat 11:38 am »
I guess the idea here is run all year at a loss, sell at the end for a profit and pay half that for taxes and then be able to write off the power and costs to make half your profit.
@ CSZiggy « Sat 11:37 am »
pay more than the people who own the machines and only have to pay for electric
@ minerproo « Sat 11:37 am »
People who use hashes from nicehash?
@ CSZiggy « Sat 11:37 am »
my brother is still running. he makes like .025 coins a day, so in a month he gets .75 of a litecoin from his L3+
@ CSZiggy « Sat 11:36 am »
i am, but i pay too much for my electric
@ minerproo « Sat 11:29 am »
@CSZiggy :  are we really making loss?
@ minerproo « Sat 11:26 am »
Only thing i like is getting paid in many other coins
@ minerproo « Sat 11:24 am »
if i am not making profit
@ minerproo « Sat 11:24 am »
where should i mine then
@ minerproo « Sat 11:24 am »
i am mining with lots of rigs and hash power
@ CSZiggy « Sat 11:24 am »
with 21K machines attached
@ CSZiggy « Sat 11:24 am »
more like 5K
@ CSZiggy « Sat 11:24 am »
ni there isnt 21K people here
@ minerproo « Sat 11:23 am »
you are genius ?
@ minerproo « Sat 11:23 am »
they are fool?
@ minerproo « Sat 11:23 am »
21K people are mining here right now
@ CSZiggy « Sat 11:23 am »
If you are mining correctly and the pool's software incorrectly credits you with too much money, we will pay you the average earnings for that day plus an additional 15% as an apology for the times that the earnings were incorrect. Well hopefully we got 15% extra for that goofup at least.
@ cloaker « Sat 11:18 am »
this is our money and our time so stfu if you dont bring anything to the table
@ cloaker « Sat 11:17 am »
@ foxx RE: lack of intellect
@ cloaker « Sat 11:16 am »
there is a screen of the front page since your obviously to fucking stupid to look yourself
@ Foxx « Sat 11:14 am »
@cloaker :  your schtick is old here. get over yourself won’t you?
@ JustAnotherPLT « Sat 11:13 am »
Thanks, you too
@ cloaker « Sat 11:12 am »
good luck
@ cloaker « Sat 11:12 am »
unfortunately they better get used to that here
@ JustAnotherPLT « Sat 11:11 am »
Alright, well considering it keeps telling me it’s dead with Linda I’ll head back to mining-dutch. Not worth my time here otherwise.
@ cloaker « Sat 11:10 am »
i would expect them to get it together here - i do not know where to mine solo anywhere else
@ JustAnotherPLT « Sat 11:10 am »
I always used Mining-Dutch but they don’t allow solo
@ cloaker « Sat 11:10 am »
RE; lindacoin
@ cloaker « Sat 11:10 am »
@ cloaker « Sat 11:09 am »
im going to end up dropping this site like a sack of dirt its buggy and non trustworthy with too many ’hiccups ’ that NEVER seem to favor the miner
@ JustAnotherPLT « Sat 11:09 am »
I don’t know where else I can solo mine Linda, suggestions?

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