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@ swachhcoin « Sat 2:05 am »
@ john1988 « Sat 1:56 am »
has started a new topic: Best Free Crypto Signals Telegram Group
@ lynx « Fri 11:50 pm »
has started a new topic: Possible Payout eligible bug
@ lynx « Fri 11:38 pm »
Hello! Why payout eligible lower than real balance?
@ CSZiggy « Fri 11:28 pm »
deochristopher10 user needs all his spam messages removed and account banned. Nice forex ad. Hope no one buys into it.
@ bmhamlet « Fri 7:11 pm »
Sorry Antminer s9 running Sha-256
@ bmhamlet « Fri 7:00 pm »
My Sha-256 keep getting disconnected solo mining Bitcoincash. I has been working fine. what changed today?
@ mclarney2535 « Fri 5:34 pm »
*after the Captcha question appears and you put in password and captcha it says incorrect Captcha* not password
@ mclarney2535 « Fri 5:33 pm »
@Steve Hey there, didn’t know if you talked to Chris but the issue with the support page is you have the ability to put in Username/password. There is no Captcha but after you hit log in it says "Captcha question incorrect" and the Captcha question appears. You put in your password and the Captcha and it says incorrect password. I dont know the status of my ticket for the forfeited balances but would kindly like a update. Thank you in advance
@ hikan2 « Fri 2:35 pm »
Will there be BTC payments today?
@ hikan2 « Fri 2:28 pm »
Hello! Today someone was paying BTC?
@ kbutynski « Fri 2:01 pm »
Can that be revoked ??? yhx ;]
@ kbutynski « Fri 2:00 pm »
also I mistakenly clicked on TIP for Chris button ???? What is that?? how much tip did I give?
@ kbutynski « Fri 1:58 pm »
Hi dear Prohashing team ;] Just a quick question from the mining community ... any chances for fees reduction ? and second will you add ethash algorithm now that we have a ETH ASIC ?
@ blakeman12 « Fri 10:29 am »
Steve thanks for answering my question! Now I understand that bitcoin block
@ Steve Sokolowski « Fri 9:29 am »
has started a new topic: Status as of Friday, April 20, 2018
@ mclarney2535 « Fri 9:09 am »
Thx Steve just saw your earlier response
@ mclarney2535 « Fri 9:08 am »
*side note I am putting in the correct captcha*. Can someone else confirm they can get into support tickets? Please and thanks
@ Steve Sokolowski « Fri 9:06 am »
mclarney2535 wrote: Actually I did get the captcha on my computer(couldn’t on phone) but I still can’t get past it. I’ve tried 10 different captcha’s and it’s always saying incorrect captcha
I’ll forward this issue onto Chris for investigation
@ mclarney2535 « Fri 8:47 am »
Actually I did get the captcha on my computer(couldn’t on phone) but I still can’t get past it. I’ve tried 10 different captcha’s and it’s always saying incorrect captcha
@ alim « Fri 8:37 am »
have you tried clearing your cookies and then relogging in?
@ mclarney2535 « Fri 8:34 am »
I’m trying to check the status of my support ticket but it’s saying incorrect Captcha but there isn’t one to solve :?
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@ joemiles « Fri 3:31 am »
has started a new topic: Bitcoin Helps Square’s Stock Bounce
@ alim « Thu 11:47 pm »
Happy Days all - whist you were sleeping, or perhaps celebrating, LTC is back around $150.. the drop back is being held steady above $145.. So for the first time in a bit, the £price is above £100. :D
@ nukepower « Thu 11:14 pm »
has started a new topic: L3 ++
@ holygoof « Thu 9:46 pm »
For what its worth to anybody curious
@ holygoof « Thu 9:46 pm »
And i do serm to be getting 4% or better payment here over slushpool
@ holygoof « Thu 9:45 pm »
In any event, this was there 1st bitcoin block found, they already paid us like 80k to find it
@ holygoof « Thu 9:44 pm »
Bitcoin blocks dont have huge fees anymore, used yo ser equivalent of 15 BTC rewards bavk in janyary for a block, ot was nice
@ holygoof « Thu 9:43 pm »
I suspect if there are huge fees with any block, steve and chris will share it, they have in the past
@ holygoof « Thu 9:43 pm »
Ove also seen 4 bitcoin blocks found in 2 hours too
@ holygoof « Thu 9:42 pm »
Only get paid when bitcoin block is found, ive gone over 8 hours there without a share
@ holygoof « Thu 9:42 pm »
On slushpool, they use score payment scheme
@ holygoof « Thu 9:41 pm »
Like Mycide says, we re getting paid no matter what for mining here. When we habe got extra, it was becausr there was an extraordinary amount of fees attached, like the 98k verge block
@ blakeman12 « Thu 6:06 pm »
yes it is, so why doesn’t it pay out to us then?
@ mycide « Thu 6:03 pm »
could be that this was the first block for the pool to find
@ mycide « Thu 6:02 pm »
i cant say, i know other times when block been found all pps miners connected during that period should be sharing that extra profit.
@ mycide « Thu 6:01 pm »
there might be variants of pps tht works differently but pools i been on.
@ blakeman12 « Thu 6:01 pm »
I know...i am mining for PPS - just wondering why I didn’t credit for another miner finding a block of bitcoin?
@ mycide « Thu 6:00 pm »
blakeman12 Your are wrong, in a pps pool you get payed for the pools expected finds, even if pool did not find any block until few days ago
@ mycide « Thu 5:58 pm »
this pool allows solo mining if you setup your rigs right, please read the help section.
@ Foxx « Thu 5:48 pm »
pps is mining for shares. if you want to mine in another manner, i would suggest you find another pool that allows other manners of mining.
@ biggzmoney9 « Thu 4:34 pm »
When I solo mine do I need to have a payout in the same coin?
@ blakeman12 « Thu 3:32 pm »
that does not make sense...we get paid as we mine...not in anticipation of finding a block!
@ S3KshuN8 « Thu 3:31 pm »
I think what he meant was that shares had been paid out since beginning SHA-256 mining, prior to getting that first block, so when it did come in it covered what had already been paid in expectation of the first block. Clear as mud?
@ blakeman12 « Thu 3:29 pm »
shouldn’t we all have gotten like $19 more that day?
@ blakeman12 « Thu 3:28 pm »
is "Customers", us? I did not see an increase, which we all should have if he found a block worth $100,000...am I not understanding this correctly?
@ blakeman12 « Thu 3:18 pm »
can anyone explain this?
@ CSZiggy « Thu 2:15 pm »
blakeman12 wrote: i didnt know there was a PPS block instead of a pool block for the sha56
yeah that confused me also, usually when the pool finds a block everyone shares in the profit, the whole...that block was already paid out made no sense to me.
@ mclarney2535 « Thu 2:05 pm »
@Steve -regarding my forfeited coins no I mine with my own 2 D3s and 2 gekkoscience Terminus’s
@ blakeman12 « Thu 1:34 pm »
@bridlord :  what?
@ bridlord « Thu 1:19 pm »
Ive got 2 s9’s on PPS and I got sweet FA for the block found ??
@ Cazkys « Thu 12:48 pm »
@ citronick « Thu 12:26 pm »
wow.... too bad my sha256 share is so small
@ blakeman12 « Thu 11:14 am »
i didnt know there was a PPS block instead of a pool block for the sha56
@ zafar177 « Thu 10:55 am »
@ zafar177 « Thu 10:54 am »
A btc block was mined here a few days ago

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