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@ Sumoblei « Tue 10:15 am »
push push push
@ -MaVerick- « Tue 10:13 am »
shiba token is still teasing with a mild plus....move it already >.<
@ Banished_Privateer « Tue 9:08 am »
and unlikely to ever
@ Sumoblei « Tue 9:08 am »
not yet anyway
@ Banished_Privateer « Tue 9:05 am »
I wonder if Steve changed his mind on the bear market, I think he missed the dip! 20k didn’t come.
@ Sumoblei « Tue 8:47 am »
@ Sumoblei « Tue 8:47 am »
@ Sumoblei « Tue 8:29 am »
Anyone know the ticker for the btc etf is?
@ sonicrules « Mon 9:30 pm »
Hm, seems to be working again.
@ sonicrules « Mon 9:28 pm »
Anyone else having connection issues for ethash?
@ Steve Sokolowski « Mon 8:49 pm »
the lowmemory issue was resolved - sorry for the delay
@ Mastermind007 « Mon 7:33 pm »
ETH seems to be hashing well to night. I have a RTX 3060 that is doing 37.9MH/s from miner and 39.8MH/s reported from dashboard. Not bad for a LHR card.
@ Steve Sokolowski « Mon 3:40 pm »
we will let people know when a release time has been scheduled
@ Steve Sokolowski « Mon 3:39 pm »
as stated earlier, the ethash-lowmemory problem has been resolved, but not released
@ Daeghan « Mon 3:21 pm »
-MaVerick- wrote: working alone does its parts, go you freaking shiba token, I dont wanna have to work anymore :D
I’ll second this. Would like them to go big so I can quit my job too.
@ Sumoblei « Mon 2:53 pm »
Yea I tried a few mins ago, got the same
@ Mastermind007 « Mon 2:53 pm »
I switch miner back to ethash-lowmemopry but it still gets stuck on "Authorized on Stratum Server"
@ Sumoblei « Mon 2:51 pm »
I 2nd that motion1
@ -MaVerick- « Mon 2:21 pm »
working alone does its parts, go you freaking shiba token, I dont wanna have to work anymore :D
@ -MaVerick- « Mon 2:19 pm »
Yeah working in shifts is slowly driving me insane
@ Sumoblei « Mon 1:53 pm »
Sir, step away from the kb please... :P
@ Steve Sokolowski « Mon 12:29 pm »
Chris will be restarting the mining servers shortly to resolve it
@ Steve Sokolowski « Mon 12:29 pm »
We figured out the ethash-lowmemory bug
@ Mastermind007 « Mon 12:20 pm »
-MaVerick- wrote: also with aquirering those Salad fellas, we also covered the vegan fans under the gods, so Prohashing is clealy in the lead
@ -MaVerick- « Mon 12:11 pm »
and I should stop typing, doesnt work so well today
@ -MaVerick- « Mon 12:11 pm »
also with aquirering those Salad fellas, we also covered the vegan fans under the gods, so Prohashing is clealy in the lead
@ -MaVerick- « Mon 12:10 pm »
We sacrificed a lamb or 2 for Ethash, pretty sure that helped
@ Daeghan « Mon 11:30 am »
Newbie here, what makes eth spike so high for profitability compared to other scripts?
@ Sumoblei « Mon 11:20 am »
lmao smh :P
@ Mastermind007 « Mon 11:17 am »
In the news today. Several miners trapped under wall of text :)
@ Sumoblei « Mon 10:59 am »
All I did was quote Ann
@ Sumoblei « Mon 10:57 am »
@ Sumoblei « Mon 10:57 am »
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TODO: change this later. var baseUnits = {’X11’ : {’magnitude’: ’GH’, ’multiplier’ : 1000.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’X13’ : {’magnitude’: ’MH’, ’multiplier’ : 1.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’X17’ : {’magnitude’: ’MH’, ’multiplier’ : 1.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’X16Rv2’ : {’magnitude’: ’MH’, ’multiplier’ : 1.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Scrypt’ : {’magnitude’: ’MH’, ’multiplier’ : 1.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Equihash’ : {’magnitude’: ’KS’, ’multiplier’ : 0.001, ’abbreviation’ : ’S’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Equihash-144_5’ : {’magnitude’: ’S’, ’multiplier’ : 0.000001, ’abbreviation’ : ’S’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’SHA-256’ : {’magnitude’: ’TH’, ’multiplier’ : 1000000.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Lyra2REv2’ : {’magnitude’: ’MH’, ’multiplier’ : 1.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Lyra2REv3’ : {’magnitude’: ’MH’, ’multiplier’ : 1.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Neoscrypt’ : {’magnitude’: ’MH’, ’multiplier’ : 1.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Ethash’ : {’magnitude’: ’MH’, ’multiplier’ : 1.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Ethash-LowMemory’ : {’magnitude’: ’MH’, ’multiplier’ : 1.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Etchash’ : {’magnitude’: ’MH’, ’multiplier’ : 1.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Quark’ : {’magnitude’: ’MH’, ’multiplier’ : 1.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’CryptonightV8’ : {’magnitude’: ’KH’, ’multiplier’ : 0.001, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Cryptonight’ : {’magnitude’: ’KH’, ’multiplier’ : 0.001, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’CryptonightR’ : {’magnitude’: ’KH’, ’multiplier’ : 0.001, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’RandomX’ : {’magnitude’: ’KH’, ’multiplier’ : 0.001, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Qubit’ : {’magnitude’: ’GH’, ’multiplier’ : 1000.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Skein’ : {’magnitude’: ’GH’, ’multiplier’ : 1000.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Equihash-125_4’ : {’magnitude’: ’S’, ’multiplier’ : 0.000001, ’abbreviation’ : ’S’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’MTP’ : {’magnitude’: ’MH’, ’multiplier’ : 1.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Odocrypt’ : {’magnitude’ : ’GH’, ’multiplier’: 1000.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’H’, ’isRate’ : true}, ’Chia’ : {’magnitude’ : ’TB’, ’multiplier’: 1000000.0, ’abbreviation’ : ’B’, ’isRate’ : false}}; function onChallenge(wampSession, method, extra) { console.log("Challenge received."); if (method == ’wampcra’) { return autobahn.auth_cra.sign(wampPassword, extra.challenge); } }; function connectionOpen(session, details) { console.log("WAMP connection open."); session.call(’f_all_profitability_updates’).then(initialProfitabilityUpdatesReceived); session.call(’f_all_general_updates’).then(initialGeneralUpdatesReceived); session.subscribe(’profitability_updates’, onProfitabilityUpdate); session.subscribe(’general_updates’, onGeneralUpdate); }; wampConnection = new autobahn.Connection({ url : ’wss://live.prohashing.com:443/ws’, realm : ’mining’, authmethods: [’wampcra’], authid: wampUser, onchallenge: onChallenge }); wampConnection.onopen = connectionOpen; console.log("Connecting to wamp..."); wampConnection.open(); function sortFunction(a, b) { return a.usd * (a.hashrate == null ? 0 : a.hashrate) < b.usd * (b.hashrate == null ? 0 : b.hashrate); //Sorts highest to lowest }; function modifyHtml() { var html = ’<span class="spanWorkers">Workers: ’ + subscriptions_count + ’</span><br />’; var sortArray = []; for (var algName in liveData) { if (liveData[algName].usd != null) { liveData[algName].algName = algName; sortArray.push(liveData[algName]); } } sortArray.sort(sortFunction); for (var i = 0; i < (sortArray.length > 12 ? 12 : sortArray.length); i++) { try { html += ’<span class="spanWorkers">’ + sortArray.algName + ’: ’ + (sortArray.usd * 100.0 * baseUnits[sortArray.algName][’multiplier’]).toFixed(3) + ’&cent;/’ + baseUnits[sortArray.algName][’magnitude’] + (baseUnits[sortArray.algName][’isRate’] ? ’/s’ : ’’) +’/day &middot; ’ + (sortArray.btc * baseUnits[sortArray.algName][’multiplier’]).toFixed(8) + ’ BTC’ + (sortArray.hashrate ? 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= update.subscriptions_count; modifyHtml(); }; function onGeneralUpdate(updates) { updateHeaderMiners(updates[0]); }; function initialGeneralUpdatesReceived(update) { updateHeaderMiners(update); }; function onProfitabilityUpdate(updates) { updateHeaderProfits(updates[0]); }; function initialProfitabilityUpdatesReceived(update) { updateHeaderProfits(update); }; function formatHashrateSpaced(value) { if (value < 1000) return value.toFixed(3); else if (value >= 1000 && value < 1000000) return (value / 1000).toFixed(3) + " K"; else if (value >= 1000000 && value < 1000000000) return (value / 1000000).toFixed(3) + " M"; else if (value >= 1000000000 && value < 1000000000000) return (value / 1000000000).toFixed(3) + " G"; else if (value >= 1000000000000 && value < 1000000000000000) return (value / 1000000000000).toFixed(3) + " T"; else return (value / 1000000000000000).toFixed(3) + " P"; };</script><style> .spanWorkers { font-size: 1.5em !important; } #liveStats { height: 310px; max-height: 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@ Steve Sokolowski « Mon 10:17 am »
has started a new topic: Ethash-lowmemory connectivity issues
@ Steve Sokolowski « Mon 9:58 am »
@ Steve Sokolowski « Mon 9:47 am »
Maybe those farmers haven’t been mining long enough
@ Steve Sokolowski « Mon 9:46 am »
Mastermind007 wrote: Looks like we picked up 4 more miners in the Chia pool. Up to 41 now. :)
Netspace is still at 1.59PB though
@ -MaVerick- « Mon 9:35 am »
Go go Ethash, daddy needs to pay of his debt
@ Johnrobert121 « Mon 9:07 am »
has started a new topic: Steps to Launch an ICO
@ Mastermind007 « Mon 8:44 am »
Looks like we picked up 4 more miners in the Chia pool. Up to 41 now. :)
@ Scrypt « Mon 7:35 am »
has started a new topic: Error when connecting to Ethash port
@ Scrypt « Mon 7:30 am »
@ BMChris « Mon 7:13 am »
has started a new topic: Bicoin to Coinbase now has a threshold?
@ LiVeBeaT « Mon 6:20 am »
has started a new topic: 'build_broadcast_args' on my other rig
@ onedudedesign « Mon 12:33 am »
ethhash lowmem throwing this any ideas?
onedudedesign wrote: 21:32:31 Connection Error: ’NoneType’ object has no attribute ’build_broadcast_args’
@ onedudedesign « Mon 12:33 am »
21:32:31 Connection Error: ’NoneType’ object has no attribute ’build_broadcast_args’
@ Alynn « Sun 11:15 pm »
has started a new topic: Multiple groups per worker
@ Alynn « Sun 10:37 pm »
oh my58 cents on Eth.
@ Sumoblei « Sun 10:37 pm »
Happy Happy HOUR!
@ Alynn « Sun 9:59 pm »
memory timing 2. Basically what Ethlargement does but built it. Looks like a few other miners have it as well.
@ Sumoblei « Sun 9:58 pm »
mt 2?
@ Alynn « Sun 9:34 pm »
Oh nice... gminer --mt 2 for the 1080 does the same thing Ethlargement used to do for me, but doesn’t crash the system. so 35MH on the 1080 and 40 on the 1080TI. Yay.
@ Alynn « Sun 7:21 pm »
Sumoblei wrote: I have one rig w/ a 6700xt and a 3080ti on Gminer2.7 no problemos
This rig was going to have 2080 1080ti 1080 1060, and 3 RX 480s.
@ Alynn « Sun 7:20 pm »
I have two different instances of miners running, but for whatever reason once I put the AMD cards in operation everything goes to hell with crashing and everything else. I have a mobo, and some RAM sitting around. I just need to get a CPU. and a psu to support these 3 RX480s and call it a day. I mean I got them cheapish, but I still paid for them, so I wanna get some of the money back from them.
@ Sumoblei « Sun 1:40 pm »
I have one rig w/ a 6700xt and a 3080ti on Gminer2.7 no problemos
@ Mastermind007 « Sun 1:21 pm »
Based on what I have red, mixed rigs can be trouble. To keep them mining you can run two different miners. One for Nvidia and one for AMD. Just specify which miner used which cards.
@ Alynn « Sun 10:49 am »
and ethlargement is only for 1080s and 1080tis basically. Due to the ram they used.
@ Alynn « Sun 10:47 am »
So I’m not ready to discount the AMD cards but I have nothing but problems trying to run a hybrid rig. So I’ll static wrap these and maybe find a cheap CPU and make one just for those.
@ Sumoblei « Sun 9:50 am »
I don’t think so
@ BMChris « Sun 6:50 am »
Does ethlargement work on AMD cards?
@ Mastermind007 « Sat 7:30 pm »
Pray to the crypto gods that Alynn’s rig hashes perfectly and does not implode.
@ Alynn « Sat 6:54 pm »
So right now the 2080 a 1080 going on eth, 1060 on Equihash 144,5 and the 480 running ETC. Now to see how long she stays stable. if I can go 24 hours, I’ll add another 480.
@ -MaVerick- « Sat 6:24 pm »
fingers crossed
@ Alynn « Sat 6:22 pm »
I have a refurbished one coming tomorrow. So hopefully I can get the main rig back over 100Mh. Still trying to get the 1060 running and the RX 480s on some lowmem eth.
@ Alynn « Sat 6:20 pm »
It stays running as long as I don’t use ethlargement. So 24ish Mh... But hey they were both in gaming PCs for years before we upgraded to 2080s So they’ve had a good life.
@ -MaVerick- « Sat 6:16 pm »
you had 2 of them right? How is the other one doing?
@ Alynn « Sat 5:43 pm »
So I’m pretty sure my 1080 is broken because it’s only using 4 wats and is hashing at 0Mh/s and MSI afterburner can’t read it’s internals.
@ Sarah Manter « Sat 2:52 pm »
sonicrules wrote: Whoever made the daily profits show up for chia on the worker configurator page never fixed the broken calculations it puts out.
Could you please put in a support ticket for this? We’ll make sure it gets assigned to the right person. :)
@ -MaVerick- « Sat 2:13 pm »
yeah, you’re right. lets stay true to traditions
@ sonicrules « Sat 2:12 pm »
We’ve always called them ethash happy hours
@ -MaVerick- « Sat 2:11 pm »
that doesn’t sound right
@ -MaVerick- « Sat 2:11 pm »
uh ummm
@ BMChris « Sat 2:07 pm »
According to that, if I have 1GB of plots, I’ll make $437,000 a day
@ -MaVerick- « Sat 2:05 pm »
we should give those spikes when ethash goes crazy some special name. The salad fellas got the vegetables covered, so I vote for schnitzel-spike
@ sonicrules « Sat 2:02 pm »
Whoever made the daily profits show up for chia on the worker configurator page never fixed the broken calculations it puts out.
@ Alynn « Sat 1:24 pm »
jreysack wrote:
-MaVerick- wrote: thats gonna be an extra schnitzel if it keeps this way for an hour or 2
what was it up to?
47.x cents at one point that I saw.
@ -MaVerick- « Sat 1:09 pm »
@ jreysack « Sat 12:56 pm »
-MaVerick- wrote: thats gonna be an extra schnitzel if it keeps this way for an hour or 2
what was it up to?
@ -MaVerick- « Sat 12:38 pm »
hm ok that thing competes with the 3060 directly according to AMD at the same price, if you ever get your hands on that thing. So its basically be sure about a low hashrate but its very efficient, or have the chance of a higher hashrate with LHR unlockers but overall less efficient.
@ -MaVerick- « Sat 12:28 pm »
dunno about the gaming performance, but as a secondary card I wouldn’t say no
@ -MaVerick- « Sat 12:27 pm »
hmm looks like the AMD 6600, next in line you cannot buy, is quite the efficiency biest. approx 30 MH/s 50W
@ Sumoblei « Fri 11:37 pm »
Shoulda got the 4th of July special lol
@ Murr808 « Fri 10:45 pm »
Sumoblei wrote: Build your own at CLX, I did twice :)
$2700+ for a pc with a 3060... no thanks...
@ Sumoblei « Fri 8:11 pm »
Build your own at CLX, I did twice :)
@ Sumoblei « Fri 8:11 pm »
Gaming computers seem to have great mb’s for mining... I bought a couple at CLX... one comp carries 5 gpu’s.... when you buy a gaming pc, you’re getting the GPU at retail and a few hundred more bux for the mb, and box
@ Alynn « Fri 7:08 pm »
oops wrong place
@ Alynn « Fri 7:07 pm »
@ Alynn « Fri 7:03 pm »
I’m just about to spend all this money wiping out any gains from this year and I don’t like it
@ Alynn « Fri 7:03 pm »
I’m about to just buy another motherboard and run the AMD on one and NVIDIA on the other, but one of my 1080s looks to be dead, the other one is on last legs leaving me only the 2080
@ -MaVerick- « Fri 7:01 pm »
hmmm....would need a bigger cabinet for that ;)
@ Alynn « Fri 6:57 pm »
Yeah I’m looking for something for 6+ cards
@ -MaVerick- « Fri 6:57 pm »
inside the cabinet theres a Z87-G41 PC Mate at work with those 2 1060 6GB
@ Alynn « Fri 6:56 pm »
What are you all using for motherboards? It’s dang near impossible to find anything that works well for mining, even so called "mining" motherboards.
@ Sumoblei « Fri 6:56 pm »
jeeze Sumo wtf slow down and type something coherent lol
@ Sumoblei « Fri 6:55 pm »
-MaVerick- wrote: the organ market brings more profit, trust me and half my liver
hmmmm. doesn’t that ergenerate? :)
@ -MaVerick- « Fri 6:52 pm »
thats gonna be an extra schnitzel if it keeps this way for an hour or 2
@ Alynn « Fri 6:44 pm »
oh my
@ -MaVerick- « Fri 6:41 pm »
@ -MaVerick- « Fri 6:40 pm »
the organ market brings more profit, trust me and half my liver
@ Sumoblei « Fri 6:30 pm »
IS3080ti have several children/wives to trade... no loballers, I know what I have!
@ Sumoblei « Fri 6:28 pm »
Time to extend the ROI!
@ Sumoblei « Fri 6:28 pm »
Who’da thunk!
@ -MaVerick- « Fri 6:25 pm »
gratz! The first shares are the sweetest :D btw looks like Ethash will stay with us ~june 2022 according to reddit sources
@ Alynn « Fri 6:25 pm »
I thought the l=GB argument was supposed to only serve the cards what they can handle, but I can’t run lowmem ethash due to too little memory. Any ideas?
@ Sumoblei « Fri 6:24 pm »
Taxes are done!!!!!!!!! F$%^#&I&J^%1#RS! :P
@ Mastermind007 « Fri 4:44 pm »
I also see from the pool stats on my full node the pool is up to 10 point. Not sure what that means but something is happening.
@ Mastermind007 « Fri 4:43 pm »
Holy crap I just got a Chia share :) My 6 little plots are working hard.
@ -MaVerick- « Fri 4:05 pm »
wouldn’t mind a little spike to 20+, but the stability since yesterday is very comfy
@ Alynn « Fri 3:33 pm »
Man Eth has been above 7 cents all day it seems. nice.
@ Alynn « Fri 12:25 pm »
It’s not a crash. It’s a buying opportunity.
@ Alynn « Fri 12:25 pm »
Turns out maybe my 1080s aren’t bad. Somehow EThlargment pill doesn’t like something with the new mobo or something, if I don’t run it, no crashes. I’d rather have 24 MH than none at all.
@ Sumoblei « Fri 12:17 pm »
I’m thinking all of ’em
@ Sumoblei « Fri 12:16 pm »
Just btc or all?
@ Steve Sokolowski « Fri 12:10 pm »
or maybe the day before it - I’d bet on tomorrow or Sunday
@ Steve Sokolowski « Fri 12:10 pm »
watch for the crash when this ETF is approved
@ Steve Sokolowski « Fri 12:10 pm »
Sumoblei wrote: None of the coins seem to be moving with btc this day, odd... if anything most are moving lower.... strange
That to me indicates a crash is incoming
@ BMChris « Fri 11:01 am »
lol I bought some in May, at literally the worst time I could possibly have bought them
@ BMChris « Fri 11:00 am »
Still 4 times higher than it was last week
@ Sumoblei « Fri 10:55 am »
Dog Shib’s taking a dump lol
@ Sumoblei « Fri 10:53 am »
None of the coins seem to be moving with btc this day, odd... if anything most are moving lower.... strange
@ Mastermind007 « Fri 10:34 am »
Might be easier to mine XMR on the phones cpu but you would have to keep it plugged in and store it in the freeze or it will have a meltdown.
@ Sumoblei « Fri 10:33 am »
Maybe cpu mining then huh
@ Mastermind007 « Fri 10:32 am »
You would have to create a miner that worked with whatever video chip the phone has and it would only work for that model phone. It would have to be compiled for each model
@ -MaVerick- « Fri 10:29 am »
nah...I dislike smartphones, just gotta support them
@ Sumoblei « Fri 10:28 am »
BTC brok 60k this morn :)
@ Sumoblei « Fri 10:28 am »
I thought maybe you tried already :)
@ Sumoblei « Fri 10:28 am »
-MaVerick- wrote: but eth specifically, is that even possible with the requirements?
Dunno....yet lol
@ Sumoblei « Fri 10:27 am »
Mastermind007 wrote:
BMChris wrote: Has Coinbase got rid of the graph and portfolio total at the top of the main page, or am I just being stupid?
I have a ticket open with Coinbase about this. The mobile app shows it.
Find out why they don’t show Shibu costs too lolol might find out by xmas
@ -MaVerick- « Fri 10:26 am »
but eth specifically, is that even possible with the requirements?
@ -MaVerick- « Fri 10:24 am »
I can’t think of any way not killing your battery in no time
@ Sumoblei « Fri 10:16 am »
Has anyone tried to mine eth with their phone yet?
@ Sarah Manter « Fri 9:45 am »
RBCunningham wrote: How do I create a new post on the main page? I have a new antminer miner that mines using the Scrypt alogrithm. I am using the proswitching and noticed that it is mining multiple coins, not just LiteCoin or Doge coin. Is there a way to get paid out in each individual coin rather than a lump sum of just one coin?
If you’re asking how to create a forum post rather than just in chat, you can click into one of the topics down below like "System support and feedback" for this question, and there will be a New Topic button with a pencil on it on the top left. If you are mining FPPS mode, you can get paid out in any number of coins (as long as they're available for payouts at Prohashing) by changing your payout proportions in your payout settings. You can see more info on this here: https://prohashing.com/help/setting-min ... roportions
@ Mastermind007 « Fri 9:09 am »
Mastermind007 wrote:
BMChris wrote: Has Coinbase got rid of the graph and portfolio total at the top of the main page, or am I just being stupid?
I have a ticket open with Coinbase about this. The mobile app shows it.
OMG the support folk at Coinbase are dumber than a box of rock! Eight emails with as many screenshots and they still do not seem to grasp the feature I am asking about. It is like they never used their own website.
@ RBCunningham « Fri 7:55 am »
How do I create a new post on the main page? I have a new antminer miner that mines using the Scrypt alogrithm. I am using the proswitching and noticed that it is mining multiple coins, not just LiteCoin or Doge coin. Is there a way to get paid out in each individual coin rather than a lump sum of just one coin?
@ RBCunningham « Fri 7:49 am »
kc smith
@ Mastermind007 « Fri 6:17 am »
BMChris wrote: Has Coinbase got rid of the graph and portfolio total at the top of the main page, or am I just being stupid?
I have a ticket open with Coinbase about this. The mobile app shows it.
@ Arnobeek « Fri 5:17 am »
@ arkansasguy « Fri 12:27 am »
There hash rates are so high, so I was just curious.
@ arkansasguy « Fri 12:27 am »
do those usb miners pay very well at all on prohashing?
@ Alynn « Thu 8:49 pm »
So after replacing the motherboard and having issues with the AMD cards I bought it looks like both my 1080s are on their last legs. When it rains it pours
@ BMChris « Thu 8:45 pm »
Has Coinbase got rid of the graph and portfolio total at the top of the main page, or am I just being stupid?
@ BMChris « Thu 8:28 pm »
Sumoblei wrote: Wonder what that’ll cost
I’ve found the best way to move stuff between exchanges is to sell it, get the cash, then buy it back on the exchange you want
@ Jakebarbour23 « Thu 7:35 pm »
Any one know?
@ Jakebarbour23 « Thu 7:35 pm »
Does anything need to be done with miners for the Doge 1.14.4 update?
@ Sumoblei « Thu 6:31 pm »
Wonder what that’ll cost
@ BMChris « Thu 4:26 pm »
Move it all to Binance lol
@ Sumoblei « Thu 3:58 pm »
Alrighty then Bittrex sux for bot trading using 3commas.... I need some ideas :P
@ Sumoblei « Thu 11:34 am »
It seems most of their free bots dont support Bittrex, but I guess you can make your own like BMChris said
@ alwayswinter « Thu 11:33 am »
@ BMChris « Thu 10:47 am »
Looking at the bot settings, there are some json messages you can send their API to get it to do stuff so presumably you can run your own code to send those to their API

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