John Kim: All for the Love of Crypto and Litecoin

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John Kim: All for the Love of Crypto and Litecoin

Post by CryptoKri » Tue Jan 05, 2021 10:47 am

John Kim’s love for crypto has seen him take a drastic measure. Kim’s crypto journey began earlier in the year when he sold out his profitable business and invested all his life savings into cryptocurrencies. After that, he embarked on a one-person campaign to raise awareness and adopt his favorite cryptocurrency among the population.

In the past two years, John Kim has managed to give away thousands of dollars in LTC (Litecoin). He has also convinced bars and restaurants in the US to accept LTC (Litecoin) as an easy, and fast payment means.

Giving it all up for crypto
Kim used to work in different low paying jobs until his father helped him start his own business by giving him $10,000. In 2018, his company had grown and was the number two dealer in the whole Oklahoma area with nine mobile phone stores.

Living Litecoin Life
It never took long before Kim’s mettle was tested. LTC dropped to $22, while its all-time high was $400 back in 2017. Kim went broke and experienced some of the darkest moments in his life. The Litecoin community came through for him. Paying for a hotel room and offering a spot on the couch.

People derided him as foolish and irresponsible outside the crypto space. During the inaugural 2018 convention, Kim appeared as Lee’s bodyguard. They visited 30 US cities within 30 days carrying out a promotional tour.

Litecoin Card
The Litecoin Foundation will be rolling out its latest white-label card. Litecoin Foundation announced with Ternio, a global fintech company. Litecoin Card refers to a crypto debit card that allows users to load with LTC (Litecoin) and spend over 50 million different merchants worldwide.

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