New forum rule: "trivially provable" information

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New forum rule: "trivially provable" information

Post by Steve Sokolowski » Wed Feb 12, 2020 12:59 pm

Recently, we've noticed that some posters have been creating posts with potentially false information. To ensure that this forum remains a place where people can count on seeing accurate discussion, we have added a new rule, effective immediately, involving "trivially provable" claims.

While some topics are up for debate, there are other statements which can be proven true or false with a trivial amount of effort on the part of the poster. In a case where a post claims that a coin traded at a specific price, the user can be requested to provide a link to an exchange where the coin is traded. In a case where a post claims that a miner earned more at another pool, a screenshot of the pool's dashboard can serve as a basic level of proof. In a case where a miner claims to offer escrow for a miner sale, the E-Mail address of the escrow can be used as this basic proof.

The "trivial proof" standard requires that, when asked, a poster must be willing to spend one minute or less to provide simple information that proves a claim has at least a low chance of being true. If the poster does not provide such evidence, the post will be deleted and the poster may be banned.

Note that this standard is a higher bar than at other forums like twitter or reddit, where posters may make false statements and as much weight is given to that claim as any other. We aim to have a higher standard of discussion than these places, and I'm sure that you also agree that eliminating false information as much as possible is worthwhile for any forum.
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