How to cash out of private employee shares during a non-buy back period

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How to cash out of private employee shares during a non-buy back period

Postby jerryjones » Fri May 10, 2019 6:05 am

Out of [CENSORED] I worked for a up and coming tech company going through an exciting hyper growth phase - like everyone these days - and when I left the company, I was still excited about its future so I purchased the options I had earned during my 2 year tenure.

Now, 4 years later I am no longer confident in the company’s outlook, the industry has changed significantly and the company has seemingly failed to IPO which was the much discussed plan — I want to get rid of my shares and try to recoup some of this investment.

I contacted the company, they told me they are not “in an active buy back period” — I get it — but is there another way to “cash out” if not back to the company? Is there a medium to broker deals for private shares like this?

Any help is much appreciated! I have done some research but this is a tough thing to articulate in a search bar. Thanks:

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