Partial Nicehash mining ban going into effect tonight

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Partial Nicehash mining ban going into effect tonight

Post by Steve Sokolowski » Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:37 am

Last month, we announced that we would be implementing a partial Nicehash mining ban. The code for the ban has been deployed and will be made active overnight tomorrow.

Nicehash miners will be prohibited from statically mining very difficult coins. Currently, about ten coins have been identified, such as litecoin, bitcoin, dash, and so on. It will still be possible to mine very easy coins with Nicehash rentals, and rentals from other cloud mining services may still mine any coin.

We contacted Nicehash and asked them what policies they have in effect to penalize sellers and reimburse victims in the case of low luck mining, which cost the pool thousands of dollars earlier this year. Despite three E-Mails, Nicehash's management did not respond to our attempts to contact them, they did not provide any information about what their system is actually monitoring, and their terms of service prohibit refunds under any circumstances. This action is being taken to protect Prohashing from abuse by Nicehash's sellers and its owners.

If you are a Nicehash renter, we recommend that you switch to using MiningRigRentals. We were able to contact the owners of MiningRigRentals, and they did provide evidence that they actively track and take steps to prevent abuse on their platform.

Full details on the block withholding and 51% attacks being allowed at Nicehash are available at viewtopic.php?f=11&t=6212.
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