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Post by ROY_PRIZM » Fri Nov 29, 2019 5:16 am

Sigen pro update complete!

We tried hard on this version:
1. Fixed the display of TX input transactions in the I / O History in wallets;
2. Added a warning about sending messages to spam in the "Exchange";
3. Improved the work of the exchanger;
4. Corrected the work of the Order in the status of "Auto-Stop";
5. Bug fixes for P2P work and creating an offer for one Currency;
6. Fixed a bug with two commas in the Wallet;
7. Fixed a bug with the display of the commission in the PZM Wallet when specifying the off-chain address;
8. Made the “Close” icon larger when the P2P order file is open;
9. Removed the input of their types of payment in P2P offers when creating, which will ensure the preservation of the aesthetics of the pages;
10. Authorization time increased from 25 minutes to 2 hours;
11. Made another alert sound for P2P order operations and chat messages for easy response;
12. A new method of payment in P2P "Mobile Transfer", will soon be replenished with new types of payments;
13. Closed the data filter filter module after applying the filter in P2P for convenience (mobile version);
14. Added a link to the footer on our Telegram channel;
15. In the mobile version of the site P2P offers, users displayed an activity icon;
16. We fixed the viewing of the code table before printing in the profile settings;
17. Modified the form for creating / changing an offer on P2P trade;
18. Updated the rules for using P2P Trading;
19. In the chat, P2P orders made it possible to follow user-entered links;
20. We added a button to disconnect funds for the seller in P2P on the status of the Arbitrage order. This is done for those who themselves found a way out in a dispute;
21. Changed the paginators on the pages;
22. Improved the work of loaders on actions;
23. Other work on system optimization.

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