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Re: Nicehash-specific ports now available

Postby Steve Sokolowski » Thu Dec 20, 2018 6:04 pm

tinyminy wrote:
Steve Sokolowski wrote:
tinyminy wrote:Hi,

for X11 took long time to "connect" and got canceled after couple of mins on the 3434 port ... switched back to 3334, everything running as expected. Just to let you know ...

Kind regards

Could you provide more details on this issue? We aren't able to reproduce it and we aren't aware of any widespread issues.

If you could submit a support ticket that contains your username, then we'll be glad to help you out. At the very least, we'll need your username and the time you tried to connect, which are fields in the ticket system. Once you've given us more information, then I'll be able to look back at the database and get more information. Thanks!

Hi, I'm not sure how to provide more info ... my NH order was dead for 5 mins after ordering and got cancelled after 10 mins as a placeholder. In between some hashrate with 1,7% stales. I can't read more out of given NH stats for this order. This occured when using your NH port 3434, once I switched the port back to 3334 the order started normally and was running till the end as expected.

I don't want to complain anything, just let you know that there seem to be troubles regarding X11 and the new NH port, at least for me. I'll try to reproduce that over the next couple of days.

Kind regards

What password arguments were you using with this order that got cancelled?

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