Status as of Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Discussion of development releases of Prohashing.
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Status as of Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Postby Steve Sokolowski » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:45 am

Good morning! Yesterday, there were several changes that occurred around the same time to cause increased server load:

[*] The number of coins we are mining has increased, thanks to the addition of Tradesatoshi. Scrypt shares are regularly having 20 or more coins being weighted. With the average person requesting payouts in 3 coins, that means that calculating a batch of 2000 shares requires processing 20 * 3 * 2000, or 120,000 individual earnings.
[*] In every cycle, small networks always tend to lag behind the large networks in pricing. In this bubble's downcycle, like the others, LTC and DASH have fallen a lot, while the other coins' prices remain high, so profitability on those networks has risen. During the upturn in the cycle, BTC, LTC, DASH, and big networks tend to lead, leading to fewer coins being mined at once.
[*] We passed on an additional 1% to customers, for a total of 3%, and Constance revitalized our facebook and twitter accounts, leading to a surge in registrations. We also discovered that registrations had been inadvertently closed because a lot of accounts were registered on June 8 and hit the max user limit, which delayed the surge until yesterday.
[*] I changed the system to improve work restart times, which led to fewer miners being assigned to small coin networks, and therefore more coins being mined at once.

We knew that the share inserters would hit maximum capacity within the year, so we took this opportunity to attempt to deploy a fix that optimizes database load. The release failed and was reverted, but some shares were lost. No money was lost and mining was unaffected. This was very advantageous to customers, because Chris issued the usual 15% bonus during the share corrections period. Yesterday, scrypt earnings stood at LTC + 18%, the highest this year.

We're going to have to try again with this release today, in order to permanently fix the capacity issue with the share inserters. We'll resolve the previous issue, and hopefully the next release won't result in a different issue. Unfortunately, since the previous issue only revealed itself in a specific circumstance where heavy parallelized load was occurring, these issues are not possible to identify in development.

Our other focuses for this week remain the addition of Tradesatoshi coins, payouts in ERC20 tokens, and continuing to improve stability with the mining server. Unfortunately, we don't have any estimate on when ETH or XMR mining will be available, as work on the new algorithms has stopped until complete stability can be achieved.

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