Precautions for SD card swiping on Antminer 19 series control board

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Precautions for SD card swiping on Antminer 19 series control board

Post by ZEUS MINING » Tue Jul 26, 2022 4:36 am

After the card is successfully swiped on the control board, the green indicator light is on. If there is only one indicator light on the control board when the power is turned on for the second time, please wait for 30s-60s before powering off, and then power on again, the control board will start normally.
The control board needs to be restarted, and wait for more than 30 seconds to enable the OTP function. After restarting, make sure that the power cannot be cut off during operation. Power failure will cause the OTP to fail to boot and damage the control board.
1. During the process of turning on OTP, if the power is suddenly cut off or the time is less than 30s, the control panel will not be able to turn on the OTP function, the control panel will not start (not connected to the network), and the UI (control panel main control IC FPGA) needs to be replaced. Note that the replaced UI can no longer be used on the Antminer 19 series;
2. Open the control panel of the OTP function, other series models cannot use the UI;
3. Miners who have already activated OTP do not need to activate it again.
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