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Status as of Thursday, December 6, 2018

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:49 am
by Steve Sokolowski
Good morning!
  • Coinbase payouts are offline temporarily. Coinbase discontinued their "version 1" API that we had been using since 2013, and we need to implement their version 2 API. Vance is working on this issue right now and hopes to resolve the problem within a few days.
  • I was able to determine the cause of the share inserter WAMP disconnects. It turns out that some code existed that was extremely inefficient and this code could not process all of the new price data in a reasonable amount of time. I was able to reduce the time required to execute this code to about 20% of the previous time, and the disconnects were resolved. That seemed to resolve the issues where some customers reported missing shares. If this issue recurs after more coins are added to the system, I identified another way to improve performance, but which I'm not going to implement yet because my time is better spent adding coins.
  • My goal today is to add coins that have been added to our existing exchanges. There are about 160 coins in total. I've evaluated 15 so far and most of them are unmineable ETH tokens.
  • We are on track to complete integration testing of miner grouping tomorrow. A release will be considered early next week.