BW-L21, 550 Mh/s, 950W Litecoin (scrypt) ASIC miner

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BW-L21, 550 Mh/s, 950W Litecoin (scrypt) ASIC miner

Postby nukepower » Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:56 am

The miner is self I'm is real but will BW actually sell to the public and if they do will there be limits on how it's sold or resold . why i ask that is they said they would sell there BTC miner to the Public and never did but did sell order @ 100 per order for a while, i saw posted some place with limits on how it was resold which was you couldn't... even now if what the bittalk post is saying is true,I don't believe it if it's a BW product.

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one started later on i think i haven't looked at dates ...

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