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Postby nukepower » Sat Mar 04, 2017 10:29 am

sigh it seems coin base set up shop in the UK to avoid US laws or officially made there US base to a UK home base to avoid US laws and taxes

I was just hit with a INTERNATIONAL FEES from my bank becasue of coin bases miss judgement I blame coin base this time , for not informing it customers of the move and there is nothing on there site that says any thing about the move and any kind of info i could find about INTERNATIONAL FEES or a warning any place , I bought 863 IN BTC to by a A4 i could only pay with BTC or money wire which my bank doesn't do for over seas this is why i hate more and more paying with bitcoins but will mine coins it's not so bad and i get it faster with less BS if I mine and sell , so now i have to opt to bank transfers with no fee buying bit cons and it takes 5 days but if i sell it only takes 2 to 3 days for the cash to pop in my bank . i was never charged a INTERNATIONAL FEE by my bank till now becasue of coin base and they basally don't care .... so a warning don't trade with coin base in the US unless you like being charged hidden fees they don't tell you about and you find out later on and you knew nothing about becasue they didn't tell you it might happen which never happen before becasue they now do instant transfer in the UK for US customers and your bank will charge you a INTERNATIONAL FEE in the US's not your banks fault either, if i had known, i know i would have waited the five days or cancelled the buy and look some place else like VirWoX were i know all the fee i l be charged upfront with no hidden cost so far and they warn you of any possible INTERNATIONAL FEE, it cost but there is no misleading, so far.

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