Hashboard L2 AND L3+ can be used to mine in a Antminer S17+

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Hashboard L2 AND L3+ can be used to mine in a Antminer S17+

Post by CRYPTOGURUES » Wed Dec 29, 2021 10:31 pm

Hello All

I bought an used an S17+ antminer from Asia, when I got it, I did the cleaning, checking the system, did the update firmware, and start mining with one hashboard, I took out the 3 hashboard and realize they were different two of them has an L2 sticker and the other one has an L3 sticker, the three of them had an sticker they are for antminer S17+ but the only working is the one with the label L3.

I Wonder if they do that in Asia, use different hashboards to built an used antminer, the seller send me a video with the miner working before send it to me, now he is not avisarle, I know classic, but I want to know if I change the protocols when I update the system and if there is a form to get the right protocol to make the other 2 hashboard works too, or there isnt.

I will test the hasboards to see if their chips are broken or damaged, but If some of you give me some hints, that would be wonderful.

Thank you and happy New year!
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Re: Hashboard L2 AND L3+ can be used to mine in a Antminer S17+

Post by Steve Sokolowski » Sat Jan 15, 2022 8:07 am

I moved this topic to the new mining forums, since this topic is not specifically associated with Prohashing - but we love these discussions and you are welcome to post in those forums.
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