Multiple groups per worker

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Multiple groups per worker

Post by Alynn » Sun Oct 17, 2021 11:15 pm

I'd like the option to let workers be part of more than 2 groups. Preferably allowing for multiple o= settings in the password

Everything I see in the documentation is pointing that o is a single answer, and in my own testing only the last o= is used.

For example I have 3 machines each with 1-3 workers on it.

Machine A: RandomX, Eth
Machine B: Eth, ETC, RandomX
Machine C: ETC

o=all would have all machines and algos under it.
o=MachineA would have its randomx and eth workers
o=MachineB would have Eth, etc, and randomx workers under it
o=MachineC would have the etc worker under it.

o=eth on all the eth workers
o=etc for all the etc workers
o=rx for all the randomx workers

So my password algo for the eth worker on Machine A would have o=all,o=MachineA,o=Eth for its group arguments. I would even be good with o o1 o2 o3 o4 o5, etc.

So now I have a snapshot of how each individual machine is doing, how the total algos are doing, and how everything together is doing.

I can throw out a prohashing request email, but I also wanted to see if there was interest from any other parties here on this functionality.

Obviously not super important compared to other stuff going on, but, I believe, a very nice quality of life improvement.
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Re: Multiple groups per worker

Post by bMeister1 » Tue Oct 19, 2021 1:12 am

This is a very interesting idea! I assume this is so you can have persistent data like the historical graphs and not just the live data from the dashboard? I think we could simplify further by having the website display specific algorithm graphs automatically, especially since we can already see algorithm specific hashrate data in the Customer Charts section. The data exists, it would just be a matter of putting in with the other live graphs either on the Dashboard or the Mining section or both; no additional arguments required.

I personally don't need that level of detailed organization but I could certainly see this being useful with larger operations than my three computers.
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