Confused about PPLNS statistics.

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Confused about PPLNS statistics.

Post by tonykl » Sat Oct 09, 2021 6:17 am

So, I have a couple of miners mining in pplns mode with monero as coin. A couple of days ago I had two lines in the PPLNS statistics, the lower one was the [First Round] line and the upper one 21xxxx (don't remember the numbers exactly). I was following the Total Difficulty number rising and I think the Pool luck was something like 114% . My proportion was over 5% and the estimated reward was something over 0.04 XMR.

But now those lines completely disappeared and is replaced by this one line:

[First round]* 873.892 G 304.004 G 34.79 % 0.83879253 XMR 2.3679 % 0.01986191 XMR Pending

I thought that those lines would stay there and when a block is found a new line will emerge. Earlier in August I did receive a small reward from this mining, but after that. Nothing. I though the statistics would show the 21xxxx line until a block is found.

So have I completely misunderstood the concept or is something broken?

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