BTC payout system BUG - Brothers please fix.

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Re: BTC payout system BUG - Brothers please fix.

Post by dog1965 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:28 am

mck wrote:It is plain & simple... @ru55ian @dog1965 you both have a peculiar issue with the coin balance database. I'm sure Steve and Chris will acknowledge these bugs when they have look at them (but they are bathing in tickets already...).

@ru55ian: *Any* balance should become Payout eligible at 00:00 ET, no matter what the Payout treshold is and also the Network minimum has nothing to do with it. ("Payout eligible" is the same as "mature balance")

@dog1965: Maybe somebody was shortly solo mining Moneycoin with your username!? But it's weird that All-time earned is lower. Imagine your ghost balance was BTC instead of Moneycoin. :shock:
You see thats a sensible and liberal reply thank you for not trolling. btc oh my god ouch!!!!. will change my pass thanks for the ibfo thats very helpfull instead of condeming thanks again.
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