Hashrate, Difficulty, and Share Submissions

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Hashrate, Difficulty, and Share Submissions

Post by Maxumark » Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:45 am

There have been a bunch of ideas thrown around by pool users that are just ideas to treat symptoms as they appear to affect the user themselves while they do not understand that they themselves may be a huge contributor to the problem.

The current system limitations are not Hashrate even if that is the easy visual guide where we think we see a problem.
The system limitation is share processing.

Let me illustrate. If I run one of my 500 MHs L3+ on PH and its current difficulty is 524288 and it is submitting 222 shares over 120 minutes, so about 1.85 shares per minute. If I run a 20 MHs Zeus Thunder X6 at a difficulty of 512 when it was allowable I would be submitting about 3,600 shares in 120 minutes or about 30 per minute. So based on share processing system resources 12 L3+s combined use less of the pools capacity than 1 20 MHs Zues miner at a difficulty of 512!

12 L3+ = 6,000 MH/s to the pool with a total 2 hour submissions of between 2,600 to 2,800. This brings about $22 per day to the pool owners.
1 Zeus Thunder X6 = 20Mhs to the pool with a 2 hour share submissions 3,600. This brings about $.074 per day to the pool owners.

If you were the pool owner you would obviously limit the ZeusMiner from using the same or more resources than 12 to 14 L3+ units
(I am not picking on anyone using a Zeus I just used it as a example as I have ran dozens of them in the past and know them well.)

This is why a minimum difficulty was put in place and works. The difficulty minimum reduces share submissions and system load.

If you gained anything from my comments hopefully it is to run your equipment at the highest possible difficulty to allow 1 or 2 shares submitted per minute. Or if the pool is working correctly let the pool determine the optimal difficulty.

This does not solve all the pool issues, but can keep it from crashing and rebooting so much while they work on system, software and performance upgrades.
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Re: Hashrate, Difficulty, and Share Submissions

Post by n00bminer » Mon Jul 31, 2017 9:49 am

This structure makes the most sense. A fee scale based on the number of actual shares submitted is the most appropriate. In a sense, it is the same functionality as some value added taxes on roadways here in the states. The heavier the vehicle or more axles, the more VAT you pay per year; this is due to the increased load on the roadway infrastructure.
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