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Steve Sokolowski
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Submit support tickets for payout issues

Post by Steve Sokolowski » Sun Dec 05, 2021 2:42 pm

There have been quite a few customers recently posting about payout issues on the forums.

We're glad to help everyone and want to assist in resolving payout problems. That said, most issues are account-specific, and require significant investigation and information that can't be discussed publicly in the forums.

The forums are a great place to talk to other customers about mining ideas and troubleshooting. If you want to talk to someone about payout issues, the only way to receive support for that is to submit a support ticket through the website chat system. Unfortunately, we're not able to discuss any issues involving money through any other communications channel. The website chat system will append authenticated information onto your ticket, so that we can be guaranteed that the person submitting the ticket is you.

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Re: Submit support tickets for payout issues

Post by Estacaco » Mon Dec 06, 2021 11:38 pm

Yeah, not only was that hard to find (you could have at least provided a link or instructions) but it took well over 24h to get a copy paste response that clearly didn't even look into my issue or payout history. thankfully it fixed it self at the next payout/was already resolved by the time someone got back to me. Not trying to criticize just giving feed back on the support system.
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