Connectivity issue resolved

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Connectivity issue resolved

Post by Steve Sokolowski » Mon May 25, 2020 9:43 am

I'm pleased to report that Chris recently found and resolved a connectivity issue with the system. It turns out that the main router has a connection table for network address translation, and the default values for the number of connections able to be stored in the table are very low. There were about 10 million connections listed, which was hitting some kind of limit.

We're not clear what happened when the table was full other than the error messages that were printed, but it's possible that new connections to the mining server or website may have been prevented from being directed to the correct servers. We don't know if specific miners were affected all the time, or whether the issue occurred at random to all miners.

This issue has been present for a long as we could find. If you had connectivity issues to the site over the past two years, please try again and see if they are resolved for you.
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