Bytecoin and NEM updates

News updates about the Prohashing pool
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Bytecoin and NEM updates

Post by Steve Sokolowski » Sun Apr 07, 2019 9:49 am

Chris is still backlogged with a large number of support tickets. I apologize for the delays as he spends every available minute working through them.

Two coins generated more tickets than others. Bytecoin is a Cryptonight coin that we added when we had initially believed we could easily add CryptonightV1. Unfortunately, we discovered that CryptonightV1 has many API differences from CryptonightR, and we determined that we cannot afford the manpower to implement the algorithm. However, Chris had already payout enabled the coin when he erroneously believed that it was API-compatible. He spent the night manually executing final payouts for Bytecoin and other CryptonightV1 coins and will be discontinuing and archiving these coins later today. If the price of bitcoins holds above $6,000 and it is clear that the bubble cycle has reversed, we will then hire someone and reconsider offering CryptonightV1 coins for mining and payout.

NEM has stopped payouts because Graviex, an exchange where we obtain a lot of NEM, marked a withdrawal as processed but did not send the money. We submitted a support ticket to Graviex and are awaiting a response from them. Until Graviex responds, we don't have enough money to pay customers and appreciate your patience.
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Re: Bytecoin and NEM updates

Post by olkah » Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:54 am

I have such suspicions that even if bitcoin will cost 7000$-50000$ and then the algorithm CryptonightV1 will not appear in the pool.
And for place him will appear from 1-5 new closet algorithms for video card. It feels as though everyone is conspiring against algorithm CryptonightV1 and not focused on profit and CryptonightV1 is profitable.
And focused on satisfying only that group of graphics cards.
It smells like collusion.
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