Replay attacks will cause brief disconnects for Bitcoin Cash mining

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Replay attacks will cause brief disconnects for Bitcoin Cash mining

Postby Steve Sokolowski » Thu Nov 15, 2018 1:44 pm

There may be periodic disconnects for Bitcoin Cash miners this afternoon due to replay attacks. Criminals keep replaying our separation transactions onto the Bitcoin ABC chain. The original transactions, meanwhile, are not confirming on the SV chain.

We will need to create new wallets and send transactions at the same time until we can get the wallets severed. During these periods, the clients will be offline for two minutes and miners may be disconnected. After the replayed transaction confirms on SV, we'll try again.

Chris didn't send both transactions at exactly the same time the last time, which is probably what caused the issue. Judging by how difficult it was for us to overwrite our payout transactions last December when the bitcoin fees kept rising, it seems that most nodes just go with the first transaction in memory and don't relay conflicting transactions. Our next strategy will be to send both transactions at the same time to sever our wallets.

If Chris can't get different transactions confirmed on both chains, then payouts will be delayed until we can.

In other news, the automatic pool is not mining either chain because for some reason there is far more hashrate than economics would dictate. On SV, in particular, miners are earning 20% of what they would earn by mining bitcoin. Even on ABC, miners are still only earning 60% of bitcoin. You can still mine these chains with the "c=" password argument if you are willing to be paid less.

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