Completed investigation into "duplicate shares" issue

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Completed investigation into "duplicate shares" issue

Postby Steve Sokolowski » Tue Jul 17, 2018 11:40 am

I wanted to report that I completed the investigation into the "Duplicate shares" issue that some miners have reported. After two days and a few restarts, I was able to add code to prove that miners are never sent the same work twice.

Therefore, if you are experiencing duplicate shares, the issue is either with the miners themselves, or with a server between the miners and our servers. Some cloud rental services might disconnect and reconnect starting with the same nonces. If your cloud rental service is experiencing duplicate shares, submit a support ticket to them and suggest that they investigate the issue. If you have some sort of server that aggregates many connections into one stratum connection, make sure that the miners are starting their mining with different nonces, or connect them independently.

Thanks to those who helped me investigate the issue and determine that our servers are configured correctly!

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