All API keys to be regenerated April 16

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All API keys to be regenerated April 16

Postby Steve Sokolowski » Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:07 am

As previously announced, we will be transitioning from a REST-based API to a WAMP-based API, and all REST calls will be eliminated when the multiple-algorithm system reaches production in April.

As part of this changeover, we need to regenerate all API keys. Users who were not assigned an API key previously will be assigned one, because the API key will be now used by the web interface to communicate with the server for secure statistics. Whereas previously some statistics like hashrates were available to all users if they knew where to look, this data (and other more private data which will now be part of the API) will require an API key to access. For the website, usage of the API key will be transparent to users and requires no action if you aren't developing software.

If you have software that subscribes to our existing public WAMP methods, it will stop working on April 16 and you will need to modify it to use the new key. Note that if you had written REST software, it will need to be upgraded anyway because REST is being eliminated.

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