Introducing our new documenation, and more

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Introducing our new documenation, and more

Post by Steve Sokolowski » Tue Nov 17, 2020 4:14 pm

We're proud to announce that our new documentation system will be released this afternoon. This project has taken over a month of effort, and involved the work of all of Prohashing's employees.

During a poll over the summer, one of the most common complaints identified by customers was that Prohashing's systems were difficult to understand and that it was confusing why miners were behaving the way they did. While we identified many improvements, the most significant was a complete overhaul of the documentation. Features that aren't documented are useless because nobody knows that they exist or how to use them.

The documentation rewrite focused on several critical areas:
  • Some of the sections were obsolete, and those were removed.
  • Some features had been added since the last time the documentation was reviewed, so we added those features.
  • Outgoing links from the documentation were broken, with the new website having changed those links, so we fixed those.
  • The documentation was changed to a format that allows miners to read it from start to finish, if they choose. It now builds an understanding of how to configure and use the system, categorized by topic. Previously, the documentation was page-based, so readers who wanted to learn more about a specific topic, like payout proportions, would have to read small amounts of information about payout proportions in many different sections.
  • The navigation was changed, with the documentation split into nine pages, and the sidebar navigation now much more mobile-friendly.
  • The new text loads at least twenty times more quickly than the old text did - both because of performance optimizations and also because there is less text on each page to load. The improved performance of the pages makes it easier to move back and forth between pages while setting things up.
Perhaps most importantly, we've also released our new "The History of Mining"page at This article reviews how mining pools developed from their beginnings to the present day, and is an important start for anyone trying to understand how Prohashing works.

In addition to the documentation, this website release also includes some other changes that were requested by customers. A few customers requested that a more traditional font be used for the standard paragraph text, which has now been changed. The section headers remain with the new font. The header bar has also been changed to shorten the gradients, improving accessibility. Finally, the text on some cards on the customer dashboard pages has been changed to automatically resize to fit the available space.

Our focus remains on improving the website, and the next priority will be adding incoming links to the documentation. The old website had "?" links for every chart that linked to that section in the documentation, but those were lost during the site transition. I plan to spend 10 or 20 hours this week re-adding all of those links so that there will then be bi-directional linking, allowing customers to quickly find the information they're looking for.
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