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Forums upgraded

Post by Steve Sokolowski » Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:08 am

I'm pleased to announce that we upgraded the forums to phpBB version 3.2. The upgrade of the forums is one of the first steps towards improving our marketing presence.

The main goal in upgrading the forums was to increase our Google search rank. We found that zero views on the forums were originating from Google search. The forums are now faster than before, making them appear higher in search results and easier to use. They are now more mobile-friendly. But perhaps one of the most important reasons for upgrading was to be able to add <a rel="nofollow" attributes to the links in the post. "nofollow" links do not contribute PageRank to the linked site, so the forums' search standing won't be dragged down if someone posts links to a scam site.

Through some research online, we found that some people register on forums solely to create empty profiles to use the "website" field on profile pages to gain traffic to their sites. I disabled the "website" field, which was rarely used anyway.

One of our primary focuses over the next few weeks will be to establish the forums as a go-to place for discussion about cryptocurrency topics. If we can begin to establish good content, we hope to begin eating away at the presence of the forums, which are censored and manipulated. Not only would converting users increase attention to the pool, but it would do a service to the community by allowing free discussion about ideas like larger blocksizes. I'll be writing more posts than before to encourage people to visit and register, and to do that we wanted to get the underlying framework up to date.

Enjoy the new forums!
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