[ANN] LetsHodl - Stop Getting Rug Pulled!

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[ANN] LetsHodl - Stop Getting Rug Pulled!

Post by coinstalker » Tue Apr 27, 2021 12:29 pm

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About the letsHodl contract:

The LetsHodl smart contract is similar to the ‘Proof of Weak Hands’ concept but with a twist…

• A more comfortable entry/exit with 5% in and 5% out
• A maximum developer fee of 0.5% on withdrawals only, zero referral fees and affiliate fees.
• The referral system was removed.
• Rewards are only given to those that participate in the LetsHodl contract
• Just like our predecessors, every participant in the LetsHodl contract will receive direct earnings in Egem every time that another participant buys, sells or transfers the HODL token based on the amounts of tokens held.

With the LetsHodl smart contract, a bucket rewards feature attempts to break the rigged system by withholding a certain amount of funds until a particular threshold is met. Once that threshold is reached, the bucket rewards feature kicks in and will distribute Egem to all participants, thus making it a truly fair smart contract.

Live Smart Contracts:

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