About Winsshi – the First Decentralized Gaming Platform

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About Winsshi – the First Decentralized Gaming Platform

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The WINSSHI platform was developed by aspiring and innovative minds in the gaming and blockchain world. WINSSHI is comprised of a group of highly skilled developers that wants to decentralize the gaming industry to benefit both gamers and creators of games. They want to develop a robust and advanced solution that benefits everyone within the gaming world.
An Overview of WINSSHI’s Plans
The online gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing sub-sectors of the global entertainment industry. Today, it is valued at billions of dollars and growing. In 2019, the global gaming sector was valued at $151.55 billion and it is projected to be worth $256.97 billion by 2025.
The invention of blockchain technology and crypto hold numerous potential benefits for the gaming world. For instance, it could help to ensure secure data handling and quick payments. BY incorporating the blockchain into the gaming industry, it could help to provide numerous benefits for stakeholders within the industry.
In the current market, developers are always in search of secure solutions for receiving payments. WINSSHI is a blockchain-powered platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that wants to revolutionize the gaming industry.
Within the platform is built with the WIN Tokens (WNS), which are the native crytocurrency of the platform. These tokens can be used for making in-game purchases and the ability to earn real-world value while gaming. The platform also eliminates middlemen from transactions, which ensures everyone keeps more of their value.
Problems in the Current Market
• Cyber Crime
There are numerous challenges in the current gaming market. One of the main problems is credential abused. Besides that, targeting consumers with malicious software that steals their credit card details, credentials, and other details in prevalent. When this happens, it often leads to reputation damage for businesses within the industry, which leads to a loss of trust in the gaming world.
• High Cost
Another issue with the current gaming sector is the cost. In some cases, gaming distributors charge a commission of as high as 30%. Since game distributors enjoy a monopoly in the gaming world, they can charge as much as they want. The result is that game developers only see a fraction of the proceeds from the sale of their games. For new developers, it is almost impossible for their games to become popular due to the monopoly enjoyed by game distributor platforms.
• Lack of Direct Contact
Another issue is that there is not direct contact between developers and players.
Benefits of the WINSSHI Platform
• For Developers

WINSSHI is a platform that allows developers to earn money via a decentralized platform. They will also be able to access all tools needed to develop games on the WINSSHI platform. Developers can also earn money via in-game advertising, item trading, second-hand sales, and referrals.
These developers will be able to create games and place them on WINSSHI. If their game proves successful, they can earn more for it. A major benefit is that the platform is free for developers. It will enable small developers to bring their games to the market will ease.
• For Players
Gamers have the opportunity to earn huge profits from their gaming activities. The in-game reward system ensures that they are paid for their gaming efforts. All games are designed to be easy to play and share. Besides that, users can create virtual groups to pay with friends. Gamers will also be able to earn a passive income through affiliate programs designed by the game developers.
Upcoming ICO
The ICO will give supporters of the WISSHI vision an opportunity to help bring it to life. There are a total of 100 Million WNS tokens. Most of these apps will be availed via the in-game APIs while some will be sold on public exchanges.
The tokens can be bought using BTC, ETH, or the Indian rupee (INR). WNS tokens will have an initial toke price of 0.01 USD or 1 cent. The soft cap is 2million USD while the hard cap is 5 million USD.
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